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Xiaomi was founded in 2010 by Lei Jun with the intention that high-quality technology does not always have to be expensive. Xiaomi has a clear product line of smartphones, a tablet and general accessories. Favorable gadgets, such as the Mi-band, which is very well-known in the world, also belong to the product range and clearly demonstrate that good technology does not always have to be extremely expensive. Only the fewest Europeans will know Xiaomi or connect with smartphones. Xiaomi currently operates exclusively on the Chinese market and is now the smartphone manufacturer with the largest market share ( market share 16% in China – August 2015 ). New flagship smartphones like the Xiaomi Mi6.

However, Xiaomi is famous worldwide for its unique and excellent user interface. The biggest advantage when buying a Xiaomi smartphone is that the support for the software (MIUI based on Android) is not set, but new Android versions such as 5 Lollipop are always delivered. Even the older smartphones from Xiaomi continue to be supplied with updates. The size of the MIUI community is currently over 20 million and strong growth.


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