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Cubot is now one of the foundations of Chinese manufacturers. The reason for the long-term success of the manufacturer is two basic principles. On the one hand, Cubot does not try to install new software or hardware directly in its own devices. What might initially sound like a disadvantage is actually very praiseworthy, because many small Chinese manufacturers take over themselves with new techniques and implement these in smartphones, without the optimization was already mature. With Cubot, however, you get only what really works 100%. With this, Cubot stands out tremendously from many small Chinese manufacturers. On the other hand, the success formula is based on a very good price / performance ratio. While Cubot does not try, Tearing with new technical features of the smartphone, convince the mobile phones with a balanced combination of good hardware and very well optimized software. The constant quality delivered by Cubot is the reason for the numerous bestsellers the manufacturer has already produced. The success began with the Cubot ONE , which for over a year has been the best-selling China smartphone in Germany. Cubot was successful with the X9 and most recently with the X17. The Cubot Smartphones are usually located in the middle class. In the future, we expect the manufacturer to remain faithful to its solid concept.


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