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AGM company is a high-tech enterprise specializing in smartphone design, development, and production; After 8 years of development, AGM has became the leading outdoor smartphone manufacturer in the world.

AGM company has set up a professional and high-quality brand image in Chinese outdoor smartphone market and been taking a leading position in appearance design, product function design, software development and a series of link in the product.

Based on years of experience of designing communication products, of manufacturing and of user feedback data analysis, AGM has proposed and creatively set up OEPT standard of outdoor smartphone(Outdoor environments Test), AGM company is a standard maker of outdoor Smartphone.


Sanction of 500,000 euros to Vodafone for blocking the number 118AB

Bad news for Vodafone. It has become official that the operator will receive a sanction of 500,000 euros for blocking irregularly the number 118AB....