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Rear image of the ASUS ROG Strix

ASUS ROG Strix Review

The segment of gaming laptops is increasingly important. One of the players in this market is ASUS (but not the only one, of course). The fact is that we have been...
Chromecast Ultra Connections

Chromecast Ultra Review

The players in the Chromecast range have managed to make a very important gap in the current market and, this is so, due to its good options that come with a...

Synology DS216 + II Review

The Synology DS216 + II comes in handy when a NAS does not only contain data, but also stream media or serve as a web server. For 300 euros, it offers...


AllCall Mix 2 announced: With Wireless Charging and Android 8.0

AllCall announces the Mix 2 an interesting smartphone. Finally, a China manufacturer manages to install Android 8.1 on the device, and on top of...