Do you like CUBOT MAX 2 with a waterdrop screen on the right?

Cubot Max 2, the phone to be released soon and already this Chinese producer, has uploaded some promotional materials on the official platforms. All good and beautiful here, a new smartphone with giant display ( 6.8″ ) and decent features for 2019.

I’m a big fan of high-end phones, and I could hardly use a terminal with a diagonal below 6.2″. The bigger the better. In the case of Cubot Max 2 (6.8″ and 1352 × 640 pixels), let ‘s say the novelty occurs when we look at the notch. I think they wanted a design like the one on the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, but it did not really make it.

They probably wanted to innovate and really launch something new. I do not know how much he has managed or if they are able to form a new trend.

There is a large space between the front camera and the edges of the phone. Large space is also between the display and the front sensor. If they really wanted to do something ok, they could keep this design, but they would have moved the room to the corner and the display side, much closer to it. Cubot Max 2 is the first phone with such a notch, it remains to be seen what name it will get. However, the side edges appear to be thin, but we can not say the same about the top side.



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