Dibea DW200 Pro, a good wireless cyclonic vacuum cleaner for $149.99

Elegant and modern cordless vacuum cleaner with high suction power, weighs 2 kg and has enough energy to clean an entire apartment with a single charge. Dibea DW200 Pro can be considered one of the answers to the well-known Dyson V8 cordless vacuum cleaner, but at a fraction of the cost and with a very high quality/price ratio. What attracts attention right from the start is the minimalist design, elegant and at the same time modern, at a price that is affordable to say the least.

Particularly light (it weighs only 2 kg), it can be used to clean the floor, but also the car, therefore very versatile and able to reach even narrow places, otherwise difficult to reach with traditional vacuum cleaners. It has a suction power of 90 W, the tank has a volume of 300 ml and uses a 2,000 mAh lithium battery that allows you to clean the whole house after a charge of 5 hours.

It is equipped with an anti-mite electric brush to remove mites, bacteria and hair from any surface but also fingerprints, allergens, such as fungi and bacteria in the car. The system is modular, allowing you to wash the individual parts at the end of cleaning and always have a vacuum cleaner performing and ready to use. It incorporates an LED light on the brush to improve the visibility of the cleaning area and the dimensions are such as to allow it to be easily inserted under the furniture. Dibea DW200 Pro is sold with several brushes that allow you to clean floors, carpets and vacuum up dirt even in the most inaccessible cracks.

It also offers two suction modes: one, with a power of 8000 Pa, ensures an autonomy of 30 minutes; the other, to clean difficult areas, has a power of 17000 Pa (equivalent to that of a vacuum cleaner towing) and promises an autonomy of 15 minutes. Obviously you can switch between the two modes depending on the area in which you vacuum: stronger for carpets and sofas or carpets, lighter for the simple dust on smooth floors. You can also think of it as an excellent second vacuum cleaner for those who have a robotic system and must finish the corners and areas that the autonomous system can not access.

It’s quite quiet (68 dB) but as we said the strength of the Dibea DW200 Pro is mainly the price: at the moment you can buy it on GearBest for only $149.99. It is a great device to test the convenience and potential of a wireless vacuum cleaner, without necessarily having to deal with an economic expense of different levels as in the case of the Dyson vacuum cleaner. For more information on shipping costs and times, any charges and order management, you can visit the website of the seller.


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