Ziyoujiguang T18 and Xiaomi Qicycle TDR01Z foldable electric bikes

At the popular GearBest shop, we have found two interesting foldable electric bikes that you can buy at more affordable prices. These are the Ziyoujiguang T18 and Xiaomi Qicycle TDR01Z models.

Ziyoujiguang T18 and Xiaomi Qicycle TDR01Z foldable electric bikes

Though we are in the middle of winter, it is now the right time for the purchase of electric bicycles. You know how it is said – they are smart about the next season, and while delivery is doing their job, we’ll be dangerously close to spring when these foldable electric bikes will come in very well. Only for our readers we found two models .

The first is the Ziyoujiguang T18 is an electric bike made of lightweight and solid aluminum alloy that can carry an adult up to 120 kilograms. The electric motor is strong at 250 Watts, and it can run up to 25 km / h, and it can travel 15-30 kilometers.

The second electric folding bike we are introducing is the Xiaomi Qicycle TDR01Z , which can also boast a special authentic look. The construction is also made of aluminum alloy, but has a lower bearing capacity of up to 100 kilograms.

The maximum speed that can be achieved is about 20 km / h, but its range is up to 45 km. Convenient in this electric bicycle is four modes of running – fitness, economical, balanced and turbo mode. LED lights are also included to make your ride more comfortable and safer.


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