Linpa World M1 Wireless Headphones Review

Are you looking for a zero-compromise immersive headphone? Today, I’m bringing you a review of an advanced headset Bluetooth, which comes from Linpa, a Chinese brand. The model I have in my hand is World M1, a black product with excellent workmanship. How is it performing? Let’s go ahead!


In terms of appearance, Linpa World M1 wearable Bluetooth headset adopts all-black fuselage design, which is eye-catching, fashionable and personalized, and meets the aesthetic taste of young people. Although in a moment I can still feel that this machine has some cheapness, but the overall design style of the millet headset wearing Bluetooth is still that young fashion, black sanding design with wave point design also brings a good texture.

In terms of comfort, Linpa World M1 wearable Bluetooth headset is filled with sponge inside the earmuff, which is soft and comfortable. It matches with the silicone material at the headbeam. It brings good wearing comfort and is suitable for listening to music for a long time.

The Linpa World M1 Bluetooth headset is designed with concise and smooth radian curve. Like many headphones, the headset can be folded inward in the connection position of headphones, so it is convenient to take and carry out. The maximum length of 34mm can be freely telescoped and adjusted to suit its own size.

Most of the surface of this Headset is made of frosted plastic material, and the touch is delicate and smooth. The center of the headband is marked with “Linpa World” logo. The inner part is made of soft silica gel. The skin is natural and silky. When wearing, it can support and disperse the weight of the fuselage well, keeping a low profile but not losing its gorgeousness.

The lower side of the right earmuff is equipped with a micro USB charging port. The headphone has a 400 mAh capacity battery. The charging time is 1.5~2.5 hours. It can last 30 hours for playback. In the case of the largest volume, it can have a longer duration and meet the needs of the whole day. In addition, the right earmuff also has a dual noise-reducing microphone Mic, two call microphones working together, can achieve the call noise reduction, eliminate environmental noise, even in the noisy city, the other end of the phone can hear the intercom information clearly.

Linpa World M1 uses silica gel to connect the two ends of the earmuffs, which makes the earmuffs have strong adaptability and can take into account different head types. The inner part is full-encapsulated earmuffs, high-quality PU filled with sponge, not only close to the cheek, but also full of elasticity. The big PU wraps all the ears inside, even outside the ear, so it will not feel oppressive for a long time to wear. Soft and comfortable touch, while reducing noise, take into account heat dissipation and ventilation, even in hot and dry summer use, the ear will not be stuffy heat. The inner side of the earmuff is marked with the letter “L/R”, which makes it easy to distinguish left from right.

Sound quality

Linpa World M1 Bluetooth headset uses full-frequency voice unit, 40mm large moving coil design, equipped with large voice coil and large diaphragm components. It has powerful, flexible and clear layers at low frequencies in a closed acoustic environment. Medium frequency moisturizing exquisite, pure, clear and comfortable, the overall sound quality is no less than ordinary wired headphones. Wearing a closed voice, Linpa World M1 can give me a live experience.

M1 has built-in high-performance CSR8635 Bluetooth chip, which supports Bluetooth 4.1 technology. The advantage of wireless headphones is that they can get rid of the shackles of wires and enjoy free music experience. Support aptX technology, fast transmission of high-quality audio, highly restore the original dynamic sense of music, real reproduction of sound details, at any time and anywhere to enjoy CD-grade sound quality of pure wireless sound.

I listened to the Linpa World M1 Bluetooth headset and felt that its voice performance was pure and delicate, its hearing was tense, saturated and layered. In my opinion, it is more suitable for the rhythm of pop music, with a strong sense of rhythm, the voice is bright and sweet, in a quiet environment, listening carefully is very tasty. Listen to classical music or symphony, 16 Euro low impedance short board is obvious, the sound field is obviously not wide enough, the momentum performance is more moderate, the high frequency part of the total feeling is not clear enough. Linpa World M1 Bluetooth headset has a medium-to-high sound quality compared to the same price headset.

In the leisure time of life, like to listen to some gentle music, follow the rhythm of murmuring, enjoy the weekend lazy time. I don’t remember when I had the hobby of listening to music, from MP3 to computer, from mobile phone to player, every digital product records my favorite songs in every period. Linpa World M1 Bluetooth headset has become a companion in my life, no matter when I go to and from work or on business trip. The full-pack earmuffs isolate external noise, immerse in the world of music, play the movement touching the soul, and give new life to the beating notes.


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