Meizu Note 9 was announced with a new Snapdragon 6150 processor

Meizu is preparing to present the next average from the Note series – this time it’s about the Meizu Note 9 model, the main rival for the upcoming Xiaomi Redmi 7. What do we know about its interior?

China’s smartphone range is the world’s largest and fastest growing market, with Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi and Huawei racing as the main races. However, we must not forget about the less popular, but not worse artists in the second row.

Meizu Note 9 was announced with a new Snapdragon 6150 processor

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One of them is Meizu, an unconventional creator who openly ridicules notches in the screen. So far only a few of his devices have arrived in Poland, but if the brand decided to enter our market with an impetus, the offer of its latest smartphones could make it a hit on the Xiaomi scale.

It’s all about cheap flagships, which are not inferior to much more expensive competitors, and we will often buy them for even twice as much lower value. The same is true of medium-size flags, to which Meizu Note 9 will soon be added.

The smartphone will be the successor to the successful Meizu Note 8, which is equipped with a 6-inch screen without a note, a Snapdragon 632 processor and a dual camera. We know from the latest reports that his successor will be completely different in terms of design.

Meizu strongly defended itself against the invasion of incisions, but decided to compromise and offer better management at the expense of the cut-out in the die. The new Meizu Note 9 will receive a note, but in a minimized form of the so-called tear.

Revealed graphics reveal a good filling of space by the display and thin frames around it, but in addition to the appearance, it is worth paying attention to the interior of the average.

At the heart of the smartphone will be a brand new Qualcomma processor, labelled Snapdragon 6150. This is probably not the final label of the chipset, because there are names such as Snapdragon 680 or 685 in the game.

We don’t know much about the structure of the system, but we learned its first score in the Geekbench benchmark test, which scored 2598 points in the single core test and 5467 points in the multi-core test.

In contrast, the AnTuTuTu test scored 170,000 points. The results show that eight cores were used and a similar performance to the last Snadragon 675.

The latest information about the Meizu Note 9 specification is the presence of a 48 MP main camera. It is an impressive lens based on the Sony IMX586 sensor, and thanks to its use in Honor V20 and Huawei Nova 4 models, more and more manufacturers are convincing themselves to use it.

More information about the new Meizu will surely be seen in the coming days, when we will know the battery capacity and more detailed technical specifications of the smartphone.


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