Alfawise 696 Y1 Smartwatch Phone is available for $15.99 @Gearbest

Cheap watch from China is nowadays commonplace and you have the opportunity to see more and more users on the street with similar “onions” on your wrist. A huge advantage over brand competition is the price, because you can get it really small and it is no big investment. Another such model is the Alfawise 696 Y1, which is currently available in lightning-fast sales on Gearbest.

The Alfawise 696 Y1 is a smart watch with the option of inserting a micro SIM card, but do not expect any 3G or 4G internet options, the features are really just voice and text. The watch has a 1.54-inch IPS display with a resolution of 240 x 240 pixels and should stand up thanks to a metal body, TPU tape and unspecified waterproofing. Support for push notifications and the presence of basic features such as pedometer, sleep monitoring, remote control of music or camera, and more are commonplace. The connection to the phone is via Bluetooth, and the option of inserting a microSD card is also a bonus.

The most interesting thing is certainly the price, because in the light-weight sales at the Gearbest e-shop, the currently smart Alfawise 696 Y1 watch is only available for $15.99. There are several color variants of the strap in the offer, so almost everyone should choose.



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