Alfawise KW88 Pro smartwatch with AMOLED screen and integrated camera

The Alfawise KW88 is probably James Bond’s watch, because in a fairly compact case it integrates a lot of technology. Recently in the GearBest offer , it caught my attention through the affordable price, but also through the equipment that we do not see on the premium models today.

It has an AMOLED screen with 1.39 inches in diameter and 400 x 400 pixels resolution, 1GB of RAM and 16GB of storage space available. It is made of aluminum and the screen is protected by sapphire. I can not say that it excels in design, but its configuration is the one that made me write this article.

My attention has been drawn to the fact that it allows the introduction of a NanoSIM card, which allows you to access the Internet, respond to messages and make or receive calls – which seems to me quite loud. Other apps from the Play Store can also be installed. It also has a 2 megapixel camera plus a pulse monitoring sensor. The clock is equipped with GPS, supports Google Maps, so it can be very useful when traveling, and that’s because you can get directions without taking your phone out of your pocket. Android 7 is running and the factory comes with a host of pre-installed girls.

Alfawise KW88 Pro smartwatch with AMOLED screen and integrated camera

The battery is 350mAh and promises an autonomy of up to 3 days, not bad for a phone specter clock. For those interested, it is already available in the offer. It made me curious and as if I were ordering. If I buy it, I’m sure to come back with some impressions, maybe there are other people interested.


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