$299.99 for ELEPHONE U PRO, Limit one hour per day, London time 10:00 to 11:00

9.99 for ELEPHONE U PRO, Limit one hour per day, London time 10:00 to 11:00

Since Elephone U Pro was officially announced by the company, many users complained about its pricing, as it is the most expensive smartphone that Elephone has ever released. It is a fact that the $399.99 price tag is a bit bitter but if you wait and think about the specs it carries, then you might change your mind, especially if you compare it to other popular devices with similar specs.

In the chart above, Elephone makes a comparison between the U Pro and the popular Xiaomi Mi Note 3 that also sports the Snapdragon 660 SoC. The first spec that makes a big difference is the display. The U Pro sports a modern 18:9 flexible, curved AMOLED display while the Note 3 has an old-fashioned 16:9 LCD display. The second interesting difference is the dual camera on both devices. The U Pro sports a dual 13MP camera tuned by ArcSoft while the Note 3 has a dual 12MP one. The MPs don’t play much of a role if the sensor is good and the software properly optimized, so we’ll have to wait and see the results from the Elephone U Pro.

Lastly, the biggest difference is in the selected OS. Elephone adopts the Stock Android 8 Oreo while Xiaomi goes with its own version, MIUI. Stock Android is preferred by many users due to the fact that it can be updated much faster than a custom OS and it usually performs better. As for the pricing, they are about the same as the $449.99 tag on the Note 3 is invalid. And currently, the U Pro sells for $299.99 on Coolicool instead of the original $399.99.

PS: Limit one hour per day, London time 10:00 to 11:00


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