Quelima SQ20 – mini camera and video recorder with night vision

Mini cameras are so accessible recently that virtually everyone can get such a device for different purposes – to keep the exciting moments in sports, to monitor the home and office, or to use it as a video recorder in the car.

Quelima SQ20 - mini camera and video recorder with night vision

A mini camera with such versatile functionality is the Quelima SQ20, which is available in the online Gearbest store at a price of $15.30. It’s a small, lightweight (16 gram) and serene device capable of capturing high-definition video, detecting motion, seeing the night, and a host of other exciting features.

• Material ABS chip
• Lens size: 2.33mm
• Camera pixel: 1.2MP
• Aperture range: f2.5
• Decoding format: H.264
• Video format: AVI
• Video frame rate: 30fps
• Video output: Mini 8-pin USB
• Image format: JPEG
• Image resolution: 12M ( 4032 x 3024 )
• Cycle time recording time: 5 minutes
• Motion detection distance: 2 – 3M
• Night vision distance: 3 – 5 meters
• Image Sensor: CMOS
• TF card support: TF 32G ( not included )
• Battery type: Built-in 3.7V, 200mAh Li-ion battery, lifetime 60 minutes
• Video resolution supports 1080P ( 1920 x 1080 ), 720P ( 1280 x 720 )

The Quelima SQ20 has a wide viewing range of 155 degrees and can record a 1920 x 1080 pixel FHD video to capture even the finest detail during an outing or extreme sports. What’s more, smart management supports a “Loop-cycle” video recording to save you worries that the memory card is full – the camera will automatically start recording on the old content.

Considering its small size – 2.2×2.24×2.2cm – and some special features, the Quelima SQ20 can also be used as a hidden security camera in the home and office. The Mini Camera is capable of detecting motion up to 2-3 meters and also seeing in the dark at a distance of up to 3-5 meters, so the thieves have no chance to go unnoticed if they try to penetrate your home or office.

In addition, this hi-tech widget, weighing just 16 grams, can be mounted in the car and perform the role of a Car DVR. What’s more, it contains magnets that will allow you to attach it to metal objects – such as a playground facility – and save what’s happening around.

Quelima SQ20 - mini camera and video recorder with night vision

The Quelima SQ20 accepts microSD cards up to 32GB and is equipped with a 3.7V / 200mAh battery. The built-in CMOS sensor has a resolution of 1.2MP and aperture f2.5. The camera supports H.264 video encoding and a 30fps AVI recording, as well as 12M (4032 × 3024 pixel) JPEG image files. A Mini USB port is provided, and includes mounting accessories, a USB cable, and a gift card reader.

The Quelima SQ20 mini camera and video recorder is available for purchase at a price of $15.30 at the online Gearbest store with free delivery.


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