Coolicool running a Halloween Promotion until November 11h

Online retailer Coolicool is holding yet another sale following its 11th anniversary sale earlier this month. This time, it is celebrating Halloween with price cuts across select smartphones and tablets from October 26 until the first of November.

This time, it’s Coolicool that is offering some interesting deals until November 11th. Even more interesting is the fact that Coolicool has an EU-based warehouse besides the central one in China and there are smartphones and smart wearables deals for European residents. This means faster delivery for them.

The list of discounted devices can be found here. Notable deals include the UMIDIGI Z2 Pro for $279.99 USD and the recently released Chuwi Hi9 Pro tablet for $169.99 USD. These budget devices may not have the fastest processing power or the latest Android security patch updates, but they can still be used as secondary backup devices or for home entertainment use.

Most devices are from Chinese OEMs since this retailer is based in Asia. Thus, it’s important to double-check supported radio bands before purchasing smartphones as some imported models may not be compatible with local 4G LTE or even 3G carriers in North America or Europe.

Of course, most deals are coming from the Chinese warehouse, but that’s not a deal breaker as there is free shipping on all products. Also, there are more product categories available there, so a little more waiting until delivery is worth it. To check out all deals, you can visit the dedicated Halloween page.


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