Huami Amazfit X – a new Smartwatch from xiaomi

On September 17, Huami a subsidiary of Xiaomi will present its brand new Smartwatch: the Huami Amazfit X. Coincident with the third anniversary of the brand, we could see the packaging of the watch and its price. This Smartwatch will have advanced technology in cardiac monitoring.

After the release this year of the excellent Amazfit Stratos that was turning to our sports friends with a follow-up of activities from a multitude of sports, the Huami Amazfit X would look more towards everyday use  (even if it will include a follow-up of activities such as Stratos). The research and development team has done a lot of work on optical sensors that monitor your heart rate and AI in real time. They would detect health problems such as ventricular fibrillation or arrhythmia. A technology that the apple firm should include in its new Apple Watch that will be presented tonight. That’s why Huami decided to give some indications on his new watch so as not to be accused of plagiarism.

We could see on some sketches a design very close to the Amazfit Pace. The Huami Amazfit X dispose of a single physical button on the case. We can see that at the bottom of the screen is a microphone that could predict use as a phone (which would include the presence of a speaker).

Huami Amazfit X - a new Smartwatch from xiaomi


The box, very sober sports a white color, it is closer to the packaging of the Amazfit Cor (the Amazfit Pace and Stratos are provided with a transparent packaging). Which would presage a watch turned towards the users of Smartwatch lambda (and not only athletes) . A packaging where we find the inscription “Amazfit X” followed by a Chinese text unreadable that would mean the function of cardiac monitoring pushed.

Huami Amazfit X - a new Smartwatch from xiaomi

Huami Amazfit X, a rising price

What gives me comfort in my view is that this watch will not look like any Huami Smartwatch. Given the price, it should be very powerful, ready to tackle the famous watch of the American giant. We have no features of the screen or autonomy. The Huami Amazfit X should be sold in the neighborhood of $240 (for info the Amazfit Stratos is displayed at $ 180). Only a few more days to wait impatiently!


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