SnapDragon 855: first results on Geekbench?

With Huawei making announcements around its SoC Kirin 980 engraved in 7 nm and comparing it to the SnapDragon 845 (engraved in 10 nm) to highlight its performance and energy efficiency, it is moderately surprising to find suddenly in nature a first supposed benchmark result for the SnapDragon 855 mobile platform, which will be engraved in 7 nm.

On Geekbench, a mobile device has been tested with a configuration running 6 GB of RAM and Android 9.0 Pie. It is for reference msmnile and probably corresponds to a reference platform.

According to the results, this platform integrating a Snapdragon 855 would have reached a score of 3697 points in single core test and 10 469 points in multicore test on Geekbench.

SnapDragon 855: first results on Geekbench?

In multicore, it’s about as much as the Apple A11 iPhone X / iPhone 8, while remaining below the score single core (more than 4000 points for the Apple A11). It is also up compared to the 2400/8300 points of the SoC Snapdragon 845.

It is probably not final results, the new platform is not expected before the end of the year and probably not before early 2019 in smartphones but note that Apple is about to unveil in a few days new iPhone shipping a SoC Apple A12 that may well raise the reference values.

A supposed appearance in Geekbench in July gave the latter values ​​of 4700 points and 11000 points, values ​​that have been optimized since.

It remains possible, however, that this msmnile platform does not match the SnapDragon 855 but the development work around Windows on ARM SnapDragon.


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