CUBOT KingKong 3 – a new rugged phone with Helio P23 coming soon

CUBOT has been producing mobile phones for more than a decade. It began to involve in the Rugged phone field since last year. Once the first rugged phone CUBOT KingKong launched, it has achieved great success, and both online and offline sales created a sensation. Following the step, it will soon launch the second Rugged phone: CUBOT KingKong 3. compared to the previous generation, KingKong 3 has great improvement in hardware features.

The screen size of kingkong3 is 5.5-inch 18:9 full screen, it will be equipped with the latest MediaTek octo core processor MT6763T (Helio P23), the main frequency is upgraded version 2.5GHz. it featured with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of the internal storage ; the rear dual camera is 16.0MP plus 2.0MP, the front camera is 13.0MP; the battery is 6000 mAh; it’s running the latest original Google Android 8.1 system.

In addition to the improvement on the hardware, there are also many highlights in the features. KingKong 3 do many efforts in waterproof, dustproof, drop-proof, screen scratch resistance, etc. and have achieved remarkable results. KingKong 3 is IP 68 and it can be immersed for 30 minutes in 1.5 meters water, even in oil and sludge environment.

In order to make KingKong 3 more durable, CUBOT set up a new R&D team in 2017 and build the industrial structure of Kingkong 3 with 6 sides anti-drop . the drop height increased from 1.2 meters to 1.5 meters. At the same time, KingKong 3 is suitable for usage in a variety of harsh environments, its working stability range is from minus 30 degrees to 60 degrees Celsius. In other words, for CUBOT KingKong 3 which supports the global 4G bands, the signal coverage will be from the cold Antarctic and Arctic to the hot equator.

It is reported that the CUBOT team will take KingKong 3 to the 2018 IFA exhibition. At that time, the major media will be invited to visit the CUBOT booth, the time is from August 31 to September 5.


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