Lowest price $99.99 for LUMIGON T3 3GB RAM 128GB ROM MTK6795

Lowest price .99 for LUMIGON T3 3GB RAM 128GB ROM MTK6795

Smartphones are so popular devices in our days that many companies use them to try to innovate, provide features that have not been seen until now and that seek to achieve this differential factor that is difficult to achieve. The cameras, with such a vertiginous rhythm of evolution, are often the focus of these innovations.

Not long ago we knew a new CAT device that contained a thermal vision camera. Dedicated to a very specific use, and mounted on a smartphone to test virtually everything, the CAT S60 saw the light in order to be used in the industrial sector. Now from Lumigon we reach a new milestone, his T3 is the first smartphone to mount a night vision camera.

Lowest price .99 for LUMIGON T3 3GB RAM 128GB ROM MTK6795

The Lumigon T3 is not exactly a low range attached to a night vision camera. The Danish terminal has an eight-core processor without revealing, 3GB of RAM and 128GB of internal memory as a basic model. The screen is a 4.8-inch Super AMOLED HD and its design does not lack the metal or Gorilla Glass to protect it.

The sensor of the night vision camera is 4.0MP and has two infrared LEDs. These help focus to take pictures and capture videos in complete darkness. In addition, it will not be alone, it will have another 13.0MP rear sensor as companion for when we want common photographs, taken day or night, using the flash.

Lowest price .99 for LUMIGON T3 3GB RAM 128GB ROM MTK6795

We said that it had a metal body and Gorilla Glass, but that’s not all. The Lumigon T3 is protected against water and dust thanks to the IP68 certification. It carries a fingerprint reader, a set of stereo speakers and a dedicated sound chip. All the details have been taken care of in the Lumigon T3, although it will not be economical at all.

Now, $99.99 for Lumigon T3 at coolicool store, this may be the lowest historical price, so take the time to buy it if you are interested in it.


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