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  • $109.99 for Dual screen business phone VKWORLD T2 PLUS

$109.99 for Dual screen business phone VKWORLD T2 PLUS

The VKWorld T2 Plus is refreshingly different yet full of retro. Use of the smartphone is possible both in the open and closed state. Unnecessary folding of the display is not necessary, as the TKWorld T2 Plus has 2 displays with 4.2 “screen diagonal . The resolution of 1280 × 768 pixels is absolutely fine. The smartphone is powered by the well-known entry-level processor Mediatek MTK6737 quad-core with 1.25GHz. This is supported by 3GB of RAM as well as 32GB of storage space (expandable).

VKWorld T2 Plus Features

  • 2x 4.2″ dual-screen, 1280 × 768 pixels, IPS
  • Mediatek MTK6737, quad-core, 1.25GHz
  • 3GB RAM, 32GB storage space (expandable)
  • Dual Sim, LTE (including Volume 20), WLAN, Bluetooth 4.1, GPS, Micro USB
  • 8MP main camera, 2MP front camera
  • Plastic case with metal look and real leather applications
  • 2000mAh battery, Android 7.0


9.99 for Dual screen business phone VKWORLD T2 PLUS

As a camera, the T2 Plus can be used with an 8MP main camera as well as with a lean 2MP front camera. Visually, the smartphone makes a difference and has a very high-quality plastic housing with metal look and genuine leather applications on the back. Unfortunately, one has to do without a fingerprint sensor.

The further features of the retro folding mobile phone is in the current average in the price range: WLAN, Bluetooth 4.1, GPS, micro USB, MicroSD slot, dual SIM and LTE (including volume 20).

9.99 for Dual screen business phone VKWORLD T2 PLUS

The battery is very small as before and offers 2000mAh which is at least changeable. As operating system Android 7.0 is used.

So you have to say it absolutely. Praiseworthy VKWorld away from the mainstream dares something and brings an Android smartphone in retro-folding look with even 2 displays on the market. Even if the price for the offered something seems high, but you get an unusual smartphone with a high-quality exterior.

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