Cubot P20 Review

After the huge success of the CUBOT X18 Plus, the company continues to launch a notch screen phone with the same configuration: CUBOT P20. It has the same ultra-high cost performance of CUBOT tradition and very balanced performance in all aspects. So how about its performance? Let’s take a look at it.


The P20 is the first profiled full-screen phone of CUBOT, and it might be the cheapest profiled full-screen phone with a 6.18-inch screen, the resolution is 2246 x 1080. The 19:9 aspect ratio makes CUBOT P20 seems big but it’s suitable for one-hand operation and griping. This screen has very high degree of clarity and color reproduction. The display looks great in various environments.

The notch area of CUBOT P20’s is not too large, they include light distance sensors, earpieces and front-facing cameras.

The corners of the screen are designed to be round and curved. The overall effect of the front is harmonious and the appearance is very good.

The back of the body has the integrated design, similar to Xiaomi 8 with vertical camera and fingerprint sensor on the back.

In general, the use of a special-shaped full-screen design allows the CUBOT P20 to have a larger screen ratio while maintaining a compact body, and the grip is also very good, and its appearance is worthy of recognition. In addition, besides the black version I’ve got, there are also blue and purple mixed black gradient colors, providing consumers with a rich selection of colors.

Performance Test

CUBOT P20 is equipped with the very classic octo core chipset MT6750T, clocked at 1.5GHz, it belongs to middle and low-end, but it runs smoothly and power efficient. The price under $150 usually don’t have so many choices of CPU. There are 4GB of Ram and 64GB of the internal storage at hand , let’s move to the next step and take a look at Antutu benchmark.

The running score is 56337. Now I can say that this result is quite satisfactory. It is enough to satisfy some daily use. Of course, there is no problem playing ordinary 3D games. I used to play the game King Glory to test the phone, I played the game for 20 minutes in the default setting. It can basically stay at 30 frames in the small-scale battles, occasionally it will drop to 27 frames in the group battle. There is no problem with game playing.

The battery life

After talking about the performance, let’s talk about battery life. CUBOT P20 is equipped with a 4000mAh battery. There is 30% of battery life left when I use it for one day, I use it to surf the Internet, take photos, play games and log in Facebook, etc. For a moderate user, it’s not a problem to charge the phone once a day, but for heavy game users, it might need more than once. In addition, it is equipped with 5V/2A charger, the charging speed is normal, it takes about an hour and 30 minutes to charge fully.

Shooting experience

CUBOT P20 is equipped with a 20 MP plus 2 MP dual camera combo, 13MP of the front camera. as for the price of $150, it shot good pictures. see some samples below, they are all in automatic mode.


When the outdoor light is sufficient, CUBOT P20 will focus fast and have excellent imaging results. The white balance and exposure control are very good, the color is brighter and richer, it is pleasing. it’s completely clear when zooming out. However, in a more complex environment, there is still a slight overexposure in highlight area.

In portrait mode, the background blur effect is natural and the blurring edge is very accurate, making the subject more prominent.

System experience

CUBOT P20 uses the original Google Android 8.0 system, there is no pre-installed bloat ware, which is one of the reasons I like CUBOT. Compared to other phone manufacturers, they pre install advertising APP to make money, CUBOT company is very concerned about customer experience, it is worthy of respecting.


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