Umidigi Z2 Review

The Chinese manufacturer Umidigi presents the new Z2, a mid-range smartphone, which not only wants to score with its price. So you offer a display that covers almost the entire front. The Notch on the top is even smaller than about the Xiaomi Mi 8. Whether the smartphone can convince with both a dual camera on the back and the front, we want to find out in this review.


Umidigi is one of the Chinese smartphone manufacturers, who increasingly squint with their devices to the west. Cheap prices with decent equipment should attract most of customers. Then join in the two quite fresh Z2 and Z2 Pro. For testing, the manufacturer has kindly provided us with a Z2.

Umidigi Z2 Review

Delivered is the Umidigi Z2 in a fairly noble designed box, which does not suggest that this could be a rather cheap model. And the technical data read very well. So let’s quickly break down the most important specifications.

For our test we took a closer look at the most interesting color variant of the Umidigi Z2, Twilight. The design is most reminiscent of the front of the Apple iPhone X, which made the recess in the display on the top, the so-called Notch, socially acceptable. The reverse side with the special color variant is more oriented to Honor models. However, the colors do not change depending on the light, as it is a simple paint and not several layers lying below each other.

Umidigi Z2 Review

As part of our test, we now take a closer look at the equipment and processing of the Umidigi Z2. What follows is a look at synthetic benchmarks (AnTutu, Geekbench, GFXBench, 3DMark, PCMark). Also to the camera and of course the screen we express ourselves afterwards. In conclusion, we then summarize at the end, whether the Umidigi Z2 is worth a recommendation for its proclaimed price.


The Umidigi Z2 comes with a matching charging cable with a connection for USB Type-C, a power adapter, an adapter of USB Type-C to 3.5 mm audio, a protective cover made of a synthetic leather, a SIM needle and a Quick Start Guide attached. This is basically the standard scope of supply for devices from China. The protective cover is however a bit sloppy and should like to sit tighter. So if you want to protect the smartphone from falling, should look again for a higher quality alternative.

The front of the Umidigi Z2 knows how to please. The manufacturer has managed, in contrast to many competitors, to keep the notch on the top compact and to waste little space on the chin of the smartphone. Because with competing devices such as the Huawei P20 Pro, one wonders why a notch had to be, if a large area had already fallen on the underside anyway. Also the Umidigi Z2 with 165 grams of weight is relatively light for its size and feels good in the hand.

Umidigi Z2 Review

By the way, the Umidigi Z2 does not have a notification LED. Positive: The manufacturer relies on a metal frame, on the right among each other both volume rocker and power button. At the bottom sits the connector for USB Type-C. Again, the slot for the two SIM cards or, alternatively, a SIM plus memory card is waiting on the left side.

Umidigi Z2 Review

As already mentioned, the back of the Umidigi Z2 also leaves a very positive impression. The color Twilight may only be painted, but still stands out from the crowd. Here are also still the fingerprint scanner of the device and certainly the dual camera. The company logo emblazoned prominently there with some legal bric-a-brac.

Overall, there is little to complain about when processing the Umidigi Z2. On the contrary, the design pleases both with the front with narrow Notch and barely frame around the screen and the very nice colored back. There are also no unnecessary gaps where dirt could collect. The buttons have neither too much nor too little resistance and haptic as well as visually fits this smartphone everything. So Umidigi delivers as a small manufacturer with the Z2 a positive surprise.


The Umidigi Z2 comes with the 2017 SoC MediaTek Helio P23. The chip comes on eight cores and clocks up to 2 GHz. Generous 6 GB of RAM are at the side of the processor. For our readers, smartphones with the Helio P23 are nothing new, because, for example, the Oukitel K10 comes with this SoC. We hunted the Umidigi Z2 through Geekbench 4, 3DMark, PCMark, AnTuTu and GFXBench.

Umidigi Z2 Review

The results are consistently above the Oukitel K10, which should be partly due to the additional 2 GB of RAM, but also to the newer operating system, Android 8.1 instead of 7.1.1. According to GFXBench, the Umidigi Z2 can be set at about the same level as the Huawei Nova – which, however, dates back to 2016. For a middle-class smartphone, but everything is in the green area.

Synthetic benchmarks are one thing: what about performance in everyday life? Casual games, messaging, social networking, productivity apps – no problem for the Umidigi Z2. The system performance is also fluid. Soft scrolling, no delays or jerks and apps start afloat. This is certainly also because Umidigi has decided against its own coating and uses the almost completely unchanged Android. Only a few additional apps, such as your own file manager and music player, heaves you on the device.

Umidigi Z2 Review

A short note about the battery life, that you can get through the day well here, if you do not just “Pokémon Go!” Gambling or with Google Maps through the streets of an unknown city navigates. However, there are now more up-to-date or more efficient middle-class SoCs, such as the Snapdragon 660th Who uses the Umidigi Z2 continuously, should rather, depending on the set brightness and application area, land with five to six hours of continuous use.

All in all, the Umdigi Z2 is not a performance killer – who expects that at the price of less than 250 euros? For most everyday applications, the power of the smartphone but loose enough.

Display and camera

Umidigi equips the Z2 with a 6.2 inch diagonal IPS screen and a native resolution of 2246 × 1080 pixels. Even if the diagonal at first glance might suggest a bombastic device, that is not necessarily the case. Because you keep the dimensions by the format 19: 9 and the narrow frame around the screen ergonomic. A pity is that the Umidigi Z2 unfortunately has no additional coating that could protect the screen from scratches. After all, from the factory but already a protective film attached.

Umidigi Z2 Review

For a mid-range device, the screen of the Umidigi Z2 provides rich contrasts and also sufficient brightness. Thus, the screen is usually easy to read even in sunlight. Miravision also allows individual parameters to be adjusted. The resolution of the display is sufficient so that no blurring or individual pixels are visible. Overall, we think the colors could be a bit crisper in our opinion. There are also slight weaknesses in the viewing angle stability, especially at the upper edge around the Notch. Nevertheless, the screen of the Umidigi Z2 is definitely successful and should perform its duties in everyday life befitting.

In addition, Umidigi has decided to use a dual-camera setup on both the front and back of the Z2. However, this is often a wrong decision, especially for mid-range smartphones. Because it would be better to let the money flow into a decent single camera, as a marketing effective, but in everyday life disappointing dual camera. Because especially the cameras are with the import equipment from China, one excludes Xiaomi once largely, often a disappointment.

The camera of the Umidigi Z2 also controls an artificial bokeh mode, which creates a depth blur, which is to remember photos with DLSRs. However, this does not work in practice, as the software just blurs everything around the focus point without actually cutting objects. Our sample images show that the bokeh mode is therefore unfortunately not very suitable for everyday use.

Who snaps at sufficient light and HDR, gets surprisingly handsome photos with the Umidigi Z2. However, even here you can see that the software is trying to sharpen, so that always a minimal unnatural impression remains. In addition, without HDR, the photos are always slightly washed out, so this picture mode is basically quickly mandatory.

In low light indoors, cloudy skies or even at night, the camera of the Umidigi Z2 quickly reaches its limits. There is a lot of noise and image quality suffers much faster than some competitors. After all, the flash is relatively useful, which can not be claimed by any smartphone from China in this price range.

Selfies with the front camera go into complete order. You’d almost say that the selfie camera is better off than the main camera, even in relation to the rivals in this price range. Of course, no one in these photos will assume that they were shot with a HTC U12 +, but the results are more presentable than we would have expected.

It looks rather disappointing in terms of video: The Umidigi Z2 got stuck in the pre-4K era and only delivers 1080P videos with up to 30 fps. Since there is no stabilization, the results are rather of moderate quality. Especially since the audio quality of the recordings is not ripping off the stool. In sum, the camera is therefore “okay”, but certainly not the main focus on this smartphone. Although the marketing and the view of two dual cameras in the specifications could initially suggest otherwise.


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