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Alfawise Mini 3, the small and cheap sports smart bracelet

As we have mentioned in more than one occasion, Alfawise is a manufacturer that has an extensive catalog of technological devices ranging from Android TV Box, to electric vehicles (we already talked about Alfawise T0 ) and reaching the wereables. In this last group it is time to highlight what Alfawise Mini 3 has to offer.

Alfawise Mini 3, the small and cheap sports smart bracelet

Alfawise Mini 3 is a smart entry-level bracelet that is introduced as an extremely affordable price alternative but with the features necessary to enjoy optimum performance in the sporty aspect, all thanks to its integrated heart rate sensor and pedometer, as well as a measuring the quality of sleep and sedentary lifestyle for day to day.

In the aesthetic there is not much to really say about this team, and it is that a maximum simplicity has been chosen for its conformation. The key is the inclusion of a 0.96-inch OLED panel without bevels that displays the words and figures in a large size for the user to notice quickly, although its monochromatic color helps your battery is not consumed quickly.

The other component of its design is the strap, created from silicone with the aim of not only reducing costs, but to be as comfortable as possible for the user when performing exercises. Its IP67 certification indicates that it can easily withstand contact with the water (if it is raining, there is nothing to worry about), and it does not suffer any deterioration due to the accumulation of perspiration.

With official dimensions of 25.00 x 1.60 x 1.42 cm and a weight of 23 grams, it should be noted that its commercialization is given both in black for its strap as well as in a peculiar red / fuchsia and electric blue tone.

Alfawise Mini 3 takes into account the functions that any user can expect from a sports wearable today. It all starts with a heart sensor placed on the back side of the wristband so that it is able to effectively measure the user’s pulsations when in permanent contact with his wrist.

On the other hand, the pedometer takes care of several measurements during a physical exercise, as it counts the steps given as well as drawing conclusions about the approximate distance traveled and even the calories burned by that person . In this way, each user can build daily goals when running or walking that makes the activity more stimulating.

Outside of physical preparation, the pedometer goes into action to determine when the user spends too much time without moving, indicating sedentary alerts that keep people alert every day. Then, when going to sleep, the quality of sleep is analyzed, with data on duration, awake times, deep dreams, and much more.

Continuing with the aforementioned, the OLED panel serves to quickly know the physical results measured by the wristband in real time, although it may be difficult to draw conclusions over time. Thus, its Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity allows you to transfer all the data to the Smartphone and view them in an official App of the manufacturer .

Thus, the daily, weekly and annual reports of the person’s state are generated without problems, being able to establish different objectives to be achieved and know how progress has been made over time. It is also feasible to share the results directly in the different social networks and most popular communication platforms.

In case of not finding the Smartphone, if it is synchronized with the wristband and they are in the same area, Alfawise Mini 3 can also be a useful tool for those who are more clueless.

Finally, the battery of this cheap wereable includes a capacity of 110 mAh that promises a duration of between 4 and 5 days with normal use before needing a recharge.

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