XIAOMI HIMO V1, a spectacular electric bicycle for sale on gearbest

Without raising the bar too much in terms of prices, it is possible to take electric bicycles with the latest generation features and resistant materials that every user can imagine. An example of this is the XIAOMI HIMO V1, one of the first incursions of the Chinese brand in the genre of alternative vehicles (we already knew his skateboard Xiaomi M365 ).

XIAOMI HIMO V1 is a mid-high-end electric bicycle that is introduced as a simple and practical option when traveling around the city with a little help and faster. Its different modes of operation, its construction based on metallic materials and the general dimensions designed to occupy little space, are just some of its main features.

XIAOMI HIMO V1, a spectacular electric bicycle for sale on gearbest

In aesthetic terms, Xiaomi Himo has opted for the use of two shades for its entire surface, more precisely variants in black and white for its ends as well as orange and black for those who want a little more bright colors in their daily lives.

Main Features:
● 250W motor provides the max 20km/h speed and max 20 degree gradient
● 6Ah Li-ion battery ( included in product ) for max 30km mileage with pure electric mode and 50km mileage with moped mode
12 inch inflatable rubber tire for different grounds
 Folding design for convenient carrying
● Adjustable heights of saddle for different heights of people
Pedal mode, moped mode, and pure electric mode for choose
● LED front light to ride at night safely
● Aluminum alloy shell for max 100kg payload
● Suitable for adults and teenagers

With a weight of 16.7 kilograms and dimensions of 108.00 x 51.00 x 102.00 cm you can easily see how the overall size of the bicycle has been reduced, bringing the distance between the handlebar and the rear wheel. According to its managers, far from being something uncomfortable at the time of using it, it enjoys greater ergonomics for a conventional human body.

Among the details of manufacture is the inclusion of a handle that can be uncoupled so that it is folded vertically to occupy less storage space in the home, while its structure is composed of an aluminum alloy and a leather seat synthetic that really feels comfortable.

XIAOMI HIMO V1, a spectacular electric bicycle for sale on gearbest

There are many electric vehicles that use LED lights in their structure to allow the user to use them at night, although many skimp on their quality and finally are not so useful in those really dark environments. Xiaomi Himo is undoubtedly one of the best teams in this particular section.

As seen in the images, the user can visualize everything that happens in front and find any possible obstacle or deformation in the sidewalk in advance thanks to the presence of a double LED system with a photo-receptor belt that looks excellent.

XIAOMI HIMO V1, a spectacular electric bicycle for sale on gearbest

In the case of letting other conduits and people know that one is driving in front, a red LED light in the rear area has enlarged the circumference of its frames so that it is not difficult to visualize it with a lot of anticipation.

One of the points that are appreciated in this XIAOMI HIMO V1 is to hide absolutely all its cables inside, which logically also allows it to be resistant to contact with water, whether puddles, rain or when the user wants to clean it in a way traditional. Its tests on 20000 vibrations also indicate a very good resistance of its circuits.

With a 250W engine and 12.5-inch diameter tires, it promises a fast response and great efficiency for speed changes and support elements of physics such as the blow of the wind when driving downhill. In short, its wheels not only have a high resistance to shocks, but also avoid slips on any type of floor surface.

As for its braking system, an improvement in its performance has been included, both in conventional situations and in those where the sidewalk is wet or the weather conditions are not favorable. Its braking disc allows to stop completely at distances of 4 meters in dry and 6 meters in wet floors .

Underneath the seat it is possible to find the Ion-Lithium battery module integrated in the Xiaomi Himo. Its simple use and maintenance process allow reaching auto-nomies that exceed 50 kilometers of handling with an efficiency of conversion of kinetic energy of 85%. Then, when it is time to recharge it, it takes approximately 6.5 hours (useful life of 500 charges).

In the field of its handling, there is a monochromatic panel located on the handlebar that facilitates the visualization of the exercise data (speed and distance traveled) and in what state the bicycle is (remaining battery). There are three physical buttons, one on, one for switching modes and one to go back in the menu.

To finish, almost next to the rear wheel of this Xiaomi. it is possible to find a small waterproof case that corresponds to a tool kit that is always available. There you can have at hand any utensil necessary to fix the vehicle, as well as save and quickly connect your battery charging cable to the current.


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