AGM X3 – The world’s strongest Rugged phone

The manufacturer of outdoor smartphones AGM regularly offers very interesting and, above all, quite well equipped outdoor smartphones. With the AGM X2 we have already tested a smartphone of the manufacturer and were quite pleased with a few deductions. In addition to a Snapdragon processor from Qualcomm, the AGM X2 offers a variety of interesting sensors, NFC support and a true dual camera, which in the test was able to keep up well with the competition of established manufacturers.

At the beginning of the year, the successor to the AGM X3 was announced, which will be released this summer. AGM spit out big shots and announced that they want to equip the X3 with a Snapdragon 845. This would make the AGM X3 not only the most powerful AGM smartphone yet, but also the first Rugged or Outdoor Smartphone, which catapults itself into the high-end class.

Now it looks quite as if AGM really keeps his word and indeed equips the AGM X3 with the promised Snapdragon 845. At least one Antutu screenshot of the AGM X3, which shows the benchmark result, confirms a Snapdragon 845. A whopping 291,000 points has reached the outdoor China mobile phone in the benchmark, which even places it in the upper range of what is possible with the Snapdragon 845. So you can be curious when the AGM X3 finally comes on the market, how much it will cost and what else has to offer.


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