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Coupon for XGIMI Z6 Smart Projector just $539.99 @Gearbest

The new product of the famous Chinese company: XGIMI Z6, DLP projector with Full Hd resolution will be an excellent purchase for any family! In fact, there is no screen TV with a diagonal of up to 6 meters! Fairly affordable, it can provide the user with all the possibilities in the field of interactive entertainment. Buy projector XGIMI Z6 can be in our online store with delivery.

Coupon for XGIMI Z6 Smart Projector just 9.99 @Gearbest

Additional technical characteristics

* Memory – 2GB
* Built-in 8 GB ROM
* Power consumption 65W
* HDMI ports 2 pcs, USB 2.0 2 pcs.
* Audio <28 dB
* Wi-Fi 2.4 / 5 GHz 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac
* Dimensions 193х 193х 48
* Weight 973 grams.

Compact and efficient

The dimensions of the projector are very small, especially in comparison with excellent technical characteristics. Installed a modern processor Mstar 6A838 Cortex A53 64-bit, the performance of which is perfectly complemented by the video chip Maili-T820 MP4. RAM in 2 GB is enough for smooth operation of all applications.

Coupon for XGIMI Z6 Smart Projector just 9.99 @Gearbest

Modern operating system and excellent brightness

The projector XGIMI Z6 has its own operating system GMUI 3.0. Pre-installed all the necessary applications to view video content from the Internet. A powerful LED lamp provides a brightness of 500-700 ANSI, this will give you the opportunity to enjoy video on the big screen even in the middle of the day – just lower the blinds in the room!

Coupon for XGIMI Z6 Smart Projector just 9.99 @Gearbest

Hardware support for advanced video formats and perfect audio

The XGIMI Z6 projector has built-in support for advanced video formats and can play 4K resolution files. Output resolution 1920x 1080. There is a function for decoding HDR 10 video, which makes the picture more saturated, bright, gives more precise details. XGIMI Z6 works out of the box and does not require any additional devices – provide it only access to the Internet “through the air” and watch the video on a huge screen. Built-in speakers from Harman Karton will amaze you with sound quality!


  • Coupon: IT$CN06ZTK

  • Price $539.99 for active before 2018-07-23 10:00:00

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