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  • Bluedio T5, a new bluetooth headphones with Noise Cancelling for $49.95

Bluedio T5, a new bluetooth headphones with Noise Cancelling for $49.95

Bluedio T5, a new bluetooth headphones with Noise Cancelling for .95

The Bluedio T5 is the new model of headphones belonging to the fifth generation of the Turbine line by Bluedio, which despite arriving with a relatively affordable price, has important features such as Bluetooth wireless connectivity, built-in microphone and cancellation function. active noise. Today we tell you the characteristics of these fantastic wireless headphones, so you know first of all what it has to offer.

Similarly, if you are interested in this type of headphones, I invite you to take a look at the Bluedio T4S, another of the Bluedio Turbine line models full of similar features.

Main Features:
● The vent hole on the headphone back cavity can exhaust gas which affects sound quality, so that the front and back cavity air pressure balance and the headphone can output deep and powerful bass, and brings you more shocking experience
● Uses Type-C interface, supports charging and data transmitting
● Adopts 57mm drive units to enable the bass powerfully
● Adopts the active noise cancelling technology to bring you crystal-clear sound
● Adopts exquisite laser carving techniques, which have strong wear resistance

Bluedio T5, a new bluetooth headphones with Noise Cancelling for .95

Despite having a very affordable price, one of the most interesting aspects of the Bluedio T5 is its construction quality, since it is manufactured with various materials of excellent quality among which stands out the resistant metal structure that supports the different parts of the handset. Similarly, it has a design of mobile earmuffs , which allows users to rotate and adjust them in the most comfortable way possible. Also, it is possible to adjust the headband in up to 10 positions, which allows these headphones not only to be useful in a wide variety of situations (as for amateur DJs, for example), but also gives it a highly attractive appearance. To make matters worse, it is very easy to handle because it has compact dimensions of 23.30 x 23.00 x 6.00 cm and whose weight is only 345 grams .

For its part, the mechanism to adjust the headphones is quite accurate , which is a clear advantage over most cheap headphones that can be found in the market. The whole set has a great solidity, but at the same time provides exceptional comfort thanks to the soft surface present in both the crown and the earmuffs, providing a feeling difficult to imagine in headphones with such a low price.

The Bluedio T5 includes in the package the headphones, a cable jack of 3.5mm to USB of type C, a USB to USB cable of type C, a velvet bag to transport the headphones and a user manual in Spanish. In addition, it is available in three attractive color options: black, yellow and red.

Bluedio T5, a new bluetooth headphones with Noise Cancelling for .95

As it is normal in this class of headphones, the Bluedio T5 these have a series of multifunction buttons , which serve to turn on and off the device, activate Bluetooth mode, control the volume, pause / play the music, skip tracks and answer calls in hands-free mode, but unfortunately they lack signals that indicate the function they fulfill, so their use can be very unintuitive for users who decide not to read the instruction manual. Even so, a bit of practice will be enough to memorize all the available uses.

On the other hand, while Bluedio T5 Bluetooth headphones are designed to be used mainly in wireless mode, they also have the option to connect using an analog audio cable using the 3.5 mm USB type C audio adapter included in the box.

As with the quality of construction, the audio quality of the Bluedio T5 is much better than one might expect. This has large 57mm drivers on each side, which can play sounds with a frequency response between 15 Hz and 25 kHz. So it allows you to listen to music of all genres with excellent quality and power in both bass and treble sounds. Logically, Bluedio T5 Bluetooth headphones do not have the same performance that could be seen in more expensive professional models, but its sound quality is enough to satisfy all those who listen to music in a casual way.

Bluedio T5, a new bluetooth headphones with Noise Cancelling for .95

Another relevant factor of the Bluedio T5 is its noise cancellation system, which can be activated from a button on the headphones themselves and is effective to reduce ambient sound, allowing users to enjoy their music with all the splendor possible.

Although many of the low-end bluetooth headphones have a rechargeable battery whose duration does not exceed one day of use, the Bluedio T5 cordless headphones have a 650mAh battery, which according to the manufacturer can reach a duration of about 25 hours. music playback . Which is enough so that users do not have to worry when listening to their favorite music.

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