Tronxy C5, a new 3D printer for beginners and veterans

Tronxy C5, a new 3D printer for beginners and veterans

The Tronxy C5 is the new 3D printer that this manufacturer puts at the disposal of all users interested in acquiring an affordable computer, but at the same time offering all the necessary features to be able to make 3D prints at the height of the moment. This DYI 3D printer comes with a plastic protective case, and among its most interesting features is its design of double Z screws that allow to achieve a better sliding, as well as the presence of two fans to dissipate heat more easily.

Today we want to share with you the details and specifications of this affordable 3D printer, but that has everything necessary for the daily use of both beginners and professionals of 3D printing. Also, I want to remind you that if you are looking for alternatives in closed 3D printers, do not forget to take a look at the Tronxy X5S, which with its large size and basic features is ideal for children and adults in the world of 3D printing.

Main Features
● MK8 nozzle with elaborate design for better accuracy
● Double fans design for better heat dissipation
● Homogeneity step for stable operation and low noise
● Dual Z lead screws with full thread and compact texture for smooth sliding and stable transmission
● SD card and USB offline printing for high efficiency
● Aluminum profile for strong durability
● LCD screen with knob button for easy operation and clear instruction

DIY design with protective box and double fan

The Tronxy C5 comes ready to be assembled by the user in a kit that includes an external protective cover to increase safety when using the equipment. After mounting, it will have dimensions of 40.50 x 39.50 x 43.50 cm, and will have a total weight of 13 Kg, an average size ideal for medium-sized prints every day from home. Note that this printer is built in aluminum alloy for its internal structure, while the external part is made of a hard plastic, but resistant to heat that ensures that all internal components remain away from the hands for safety.

Similarly, the platform of the Tronxy C5 comes with a thin aluminum plate, which allows the equitable distribution of heat and reduces the likelihood of deformations at the edges, ensuring a higher success rate in printed models. In addition, the platform lies on a sturdy metal structure, with metal springs that reduce vibration for greater stability . It should be noted that this platform is adjustable, so the user can place it according to their convenience by using a manual nut.

On the other hand, the printer includes a 3.3-inch 12864 LCD screen accompanied by a knob and an intuitive user interface for easy use by both experienced users and beginners. Also, the  Tronxy C5 comes with a USB port and a micro SD card , so you can make prints both online and offline.

Tronxy C5, a new 3D printer for beginners and veterans

42 step motor with dual fan

For its part, the printer has a precise 42-step motor that is accompanied by a double fan, so that high temperatures can be dissipated more easily, while the MK8 nozzle near end with the 3D printer Tronxy C5 guarantees a great finish regardless of the type of filament that the user decides to use.

Another important aspect of the printer is the presence of two strong and compact lead screws Z, thanks to which the movement of the Z axis will enjoy greater stability, as well as great smoothness when being in operation.

Tronxy C5, a new 3D printer for beginners and veterans


As for the features offered by the Tronxy C5 printer, users will be happy to know that the extruder supports temperatures of between 170 and 275 degrees, while the hot bed works with temperatures of up to 100 degrees, so it is possible to experiment in the creation of 3D models using filaments of the most popular materials today. Among the types of material supported, the Tronxy C5 allows the use of ABS, HIPS, Nylon, PLA, PVC and Wood, among many other filaments of 1.75 mm.

In addition, the construction area offered by the printer is  210 x 210 x 210 mm, a medium size that with a printing speed of 40 – 120 mm/s  makes the Tronxy C5 an ideal equipment for printing both for commercial purposes as for personal use.

In terms of connectivity, it is possible to use the printer with both Mac and Windows using a USB cable, but it also allows offline printing via USB or SD card from the G-code, Gco, JPG, OBJ and STL formats.


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