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Xiaomi Mi Gaming Headset with Graphene drivers for $78.53 @Gearbest

Xiaomi Mi Gaming Headset with Graphene drivers for .53 @Gearbest

With the Xiaomi Mi Gaming Headset, the Chinese manufacturer brings the matching Zocker headphones to the end of March released  Mi Gaming notebook on the market. Thanks to virtual 7.1 surround sound, two microphones and connectivity via USB or jack, the headset makes the hearts of one or the other gamers beat faster. All data for the new Xiaomi Mi Gaming Headset we have summarized for you.

In China, the headset since 27.05.2018 on the market and costs 349 yuan, which corresponds to about 48 €. Also some famous China shops have already listed the Xiaomi Mi Gaming Headset, here it is for about ~ 70 € in the program.

Main Features:
● Comes with a 7.1 virtual surround sound engine, creates stereo surround sound to provide an immersive gaming experience
● Comes with 40mm graphene composite diaphragm, helps to deliver perfect sound scalability and richness
● Whether you are playing a game or listening to music, the enclosed sound chamber design to provides pure sound quality
● Dual microphone ENC ambient noise reduction technology
● Comes with colorful LED strips on the side
● Come with two types of connectors, USB and 3.5mm audio interface, ensuring that it can be connected to a computer and a smartphone

High end gaming performance thanks to graphene drivers

As already briefly mentioned, the headphone is equipped with a virtual 7.1 surround sound. Especially with shooters or other games, where it is important to hear from which direction the opponents come, a big advantage. The Sourrund sound is produced by two 40 mm graphene drivers, which have some advantages over ordinary dynamic drivers.

Xiaomi Mi Gaming Headset with Graphene drivers for .53 @Gearbest

The membranes of the dynamic drivers are made of paper or plastic (especially for cheap headphones). In higher quality models, it is usually aluminum or titanium membranes. The still relatively new technology of graphene drivers are also dynamic drivers, but with a novel membrane – the graphene membrane.

To cut the subject, this material is a modification of carbon with a two-dimensional structure. Each carbon atom is surrounded by another at an angle of 120°, resulting in a honeycomb-shaped honeycomb pattern. Graphene is light, very thin, and between 100 and 300 times stronger than steel, The applications are diverse and are still in their infancy, but as a membrane, it is already used today. The material vibrates very well and is ideal for sound generation. Graphene membranes have a better quality in response to other membranes. The response time is lower, which is a not inconsiderable factor in professional gaming, in addition, sounds are reproduced in all frequency ranges unadulterated.

Dual MEMS Microphones: A headset without a microphone boom

The Xiaomi Mi Gaming Headset is equipped with two MEMS microphones, the type of microphones are also used in smartphones, for example. They are hidden in the right ear of the headphones, which is rather unusual. Most gaming headsets have a microphone boom, as does the Kotion EACH G2000. The microphones of the Xiaomi Mi Gaming Headset are also equipped with an Ambient Noise Reduction Technology ( ENC ). Thanks to this, background noise is significantly reduced, so that players only hear their own voice and are not disturbed by noise. How well this and the microphones in the earpiece work, remains to be seen.

Xiaomi Mi Gaming Headset with Graphene drivers for .53 @Gearbest

Connectivity: Xiaomi without Bluetooth ?!

The headset is equipped with a USB-C connector on the earpiece. The scope of delivery includes a USB-C to jack – and a USB-C to USB-A cable, with these the headphones can be used with a variety of playback devices. In retrospect, Xiaomi will be able to develop further connection cables for the headphones, provided that other connections prove to be worthwhile. So a cable break is not a broken leg and the headphone is not immediately a total loss, as it is still possible with the Xiaomi Over-Ear.

Xiaomi Mi Gaming Headset with Graphene drivers for .53 @Gearbest

Rather untypical for the Chinese manufacturer is that the Xiaomi Mi Gaming is not equipped with a Bluetooth chip. There is no way to use the headphones wirelessly.

Design of the Xiaomi gaming headset

The Xiaomi Mi Gaming Headset is visually adapted to the Xiaomi Mi Gaming Notebook. At first glance, the headset is not identifiable as a gaming headset and could also be an ordinary on-ear. Bright, eye-catching colors that are popular with gaming products do not exist.

Xiaomi Mi Gaming Headset with Graphene drivers for .53 @Gearbest

As with the gaming laptop, the gaming headset also has in your own hands how striking the headset should look. As striking design elements Xiaomi has implemented a LED strip on both sides of the bracket, whose luminous color can be changed by PC software. A Spielrei which the Chinese manufacturer did not take.

With a price of currently around €70, the headset is by far not the cheapest on the market. With virtual 7.1 surround sound, two microphones with ambient noise reduction and LED strips (whose color is individually customizable) it settles in the upper class.

The Xiaomi Mi Gaming Headset Although designed primarily for gaming, but it is quite usable as normal on-ear headphones thanks to interchangeable earphone cable and simple design, with no microphone. The only thing missing from the headphone is the possibility of wireless connection via Bluetooth, so Xiaomi would have created the perfect all-rounder with the gaming headset. Presumably one wanted to consciously delineate it.

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