JJRC S1 Waterproof Turnover Reset RC Boat for $36.99

Remote controlled cars and especially “drones” called Quadrocopter we have here regularly. Now we have with the JJRC S1 Pentium also a boat to water. This needs little preparation and no exercise, but actually only a sufficiently large body of water. Then it dives with up to 25 km / h over the waves.

We were once again after an RC boat. The JJRC S1 is still around 30 € one of the more affordable models. So we got one thing done and tried, and here you tell what you could expect from the small speedboat. So much to say: we had a lot of fun with it.

JJRC S1 Waterproof Turnover Reset RC Boat for .99

Design, processing and delivery

First unpack. There is not much in the package, but it does not need much. In addition to the boat itself, we can of course find the remote control and a USB cable to charge the battery. Other accessories are just a second rudder as a spare part and – nice – a frame on which you can set up the boat.

There is not much to say about form. Windschnittig is how such a speedboat must be. To protect the tip, there is a white rubber bumper that you can put on the front. The white top can be removed. However, she keeps it so good that she does not have to worry about being self-employed while driving.

Underneath you will find the electronics, which is additionally protected by a plastic cover, if water should penetrate. However, some water is always in the interior because the engine is cooled by a water cooling system during operation . This water is sucked, passed through a hose around the engine and ejected again.

JJRC S1 Waterproof Turnover Reset RC Boat for .99

Into the water – driving behavior & driving pleasure

After unpacking you should once recharge the battery, but then you can start right away. The remote control needs four AA batteries, but that’s about it. It is not necessary to explain anything here either: put the boat in the water / throw and accelerate. As with many RC cars, the trigger on the remote control is also accelerated here; the wheel on the right serves to steer. How it looks in practice, you can see here in the video.

25 km / h creates the boat as described, and that makes driving really fun. After the first test drive (and also the following one) the reaction was first: “Shit, battery already empty? Then recharge and start again. ” Eight minutes the JJRS S1 already achieves are an acceptable value, but they just feel too short.

JJRC S1 Waterproof Turnover Reset RC Boat for .99

You have to worry about the battery suddenly running dry in the middle of the lake, you do not have to. A beep from the remote will warns you as soon as the remaining battery charge drops below 20%. But then you should head for the shore if you do not want to go swimming to get the ship back. Especially in the summer, if you are probably in bathing suits at the lake, that is perhaps not bad.

The S1 controls really well, especially tight corners are just fun and look great. Fine Tuning you can also make on the remote control and thus adjust the rudder more accurately. Should it nevertheless happen that the boat overturns, that is no problem. By moving the steering wheel back and forth, you can rock the boat so that it always turns right. We mainly used it on a day when we had strong wind and even swell . With the boat gets along well (and it makes more buck), but it was then often times on the back.

JJRC S1 Waterproof Turnover Reset RC Boat for .99

he specified range of 150 meters we could not check – and this is to be understood positively. At a distance of 150 m you would not recognize the bottom at all, ie this distance is hardly achievable. To disconnections it never came, so you do not have to worry about the range. The only exception: A mounted camera with live image transmission. Here, however, one must first find a way to attach a camera without raising the center of gravity of the boat too much.

Conclusion – RC boats are fun

Maybe a strange sounding conclusion, but that simply sums it up. The processing is absolutely fine here for a $36.99 gadget, and after dozens of rides, the boat is still as round as at the beginning. The controls are catchy and easy to learn by everyone. If you’re just looking for a summer toy and you’re on the water anyway, you’re not doing anything wrong with the JJRC S1.


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