Xiaomi certifies a new Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro and Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite

If something stands out  Xiaomi is to launch a large number of devices in all its ranges, with names that repeat a lot. You can barely buy the Xiaomi Mi 8 in its three versions and a new Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro appears, accompanied by the Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite.

Xiaomi certifies new devices: the new Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro and Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite appear

Xiaomi has certified new devices in the EEC (Eurasian Economic Commission). Thanks to this, two new devices have been unveiled that will undoubtedly attract attention: the Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro and the Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite. With regard to the first, it would be the fourth version of the terminal, since recently the Xiaomi Mi 8, Xiaomi Mi 8 SE and Xiaomi Mi 8 Explorer Edition were introduced . Each of them covered a different range, and this Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro could be placed above all of them as an ultra-premium version.

In addition, the presence of a Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite draws much attention, especially considering that the main device has not yet been presented – although it will do so within not much, and it seems that in Spain. Even with this, the Lite nomenclature invites us to think of a Xiaomi Mi 6X with reduced features, probably of lower cost, for those who do not like the price increase of the Xiaomi Mi A2. It is difficult to determine how the terminal can be reduced, although you can bet on the screen size and quality of the cameras.

Xiaomi certifies a new Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro and Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite

ECC certification

They are not the only novelties. The current Xiaomi Redmi 6 range will receive two new members, in the form of Xiaomi Redmi 6S and Redmi 6X. With this, they will make a total of five devices with the Redmi 6 nomenclature if we include the base terminal, the Redmi 6A and the Redmi 6 Pro . For users who are less attentive to the current technology, all this can result in great confusion.

And with this certification there would be four devices called Mi 8 and five called Redmi 6. Although there are differences between the names of all of them, the truth is that words like SE, Explorer and Pro just express real differences. On the other hand, how is it detected if a Redmi 6, a Redmi 6S or a Redmi 6A is better? Since Xiaomi used to these strategies to name devices, but should consider changes to make it clearer how they compare each other.


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