When and where you can buy the Xiaomi Mi Band 3

When and where you can buy the Xiaomi Mi Band 3

Are you interested in buying the Mi Band 3 with NFC ? We understand you perfectly, because it is one of the best options in terms of smartband for this 2018. It is a complete smart bracelet because it comes with the technology that allows you to pay with your mobile … can you imagine being able to forget about the cards? You just have to bring your wrist to pay! So if you want to know when you can buy the My Band 3 with NFC , we’ll tell you everything in this article.

This year Xiaomi has decided to launch two smart wristbands. On the one hand we have the Mi Band 3 and on the other, a special version of the My Band 3 with NFC. The truth is that both options are great, because they come to replace the previous bracelet and incorporate better features and functionality. If you want to do a review for all of them, I recommend you read this article on the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 in which we put you up to date.

But when can you buy the Mi Band 3? And where can it be done? The Mi Band 3 without NFC can now be purchased through the main Chinese online stores. However, it is important that you choose a trustworthy and safe website. So if you want to know how to get it at the cheapest price on offer, we leave you the purchase links:

Through these pages you can buy the normal version of the My Band 3 and if you use the coupon, you can take it to the lowest possible price. Right now we find it cheaper at Banggood than anywhere else. So if you want to get it at an unbeatable price it is best to hurry. It is really worth it!

When and where you can buy the Xiaomi Mi Band 3

But what about the NFC version? When can you buy?

Because many users have asked us when and where they can buy the Mi Band 3 with NFC , tell them that the official date that Xiaomi has published is September 2018 . That is, if you want to buy the My Band 3 with the functionality of the NFC, you will have to wait until September to get your unit. We do not know if they will launch it before by way of surprise, but in principle that is the official date they have indicated.

Which version to buy?

Depends what you need. If you need a smartband for now, especially now that summer comes. For less than 30 euros you can get the My Band 3 which is great . And if you’re not going to pay with your mobile, you do not need the NFC at all. And in passing you save an extra money (since it is possible that the NFC version costs 10 euros more). So in the end you will have to decide which is the best version for you based on your needs.

And if you have already done yours and want to know how to put your Xiaomi Mi Band 3 and Amazfit COR, do not miss the video:


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