Xiaomi Mijia 5 inch Smart Rearview Mirror Car DVR for $96.39 @GearBest

Xiaomi Mijia 5 inch Smart Rearview Mirror Car DVR for .39 @GearBestIf you thought you had seen it all, today we want to tell you about the new Xiaomi mirror with built-in camera . It’s just what you’re thinking, because this gadget is inserted into the car and allows you to take photos, videos, park more easily and much more. It has no waste! So if you want to know it, know what is its price and buy it, I invite you to keep reading because this interests you:

If you have a car and you’re a Xiaomi fan … get ready! It’s time for you to meet the new Xiaomi mirror with built-in camera. It has everything in terms of design and functionality, because it also has a very interesting price and is complete, so you may not need anything else to modernize your car. Let’s know more!

As you can see in the photographs, the design is very interesting. And this type of product always comes through the eyes, because nobody would like to buy a gadget to make the car uglier (if not the opposite). So once you incorporate it you will be the center of all eyes …

Xiaomi Mijia 5 inch Smart Rearview Mirror Car DVR for .39 @GearBest

● Come with Sony IMX323 sensor, equipped with 160 degrees ultra large view angle, F1.8 aperture, glass lens, nine coating film, strengthen luminousness effectively to reduce light reflecting and restrict stray light
● Supporting 720P RVC, and dual recording front and back
● Supports parking monitor after fire off. If the car happens to the wrong vibration, the car DVR will record videos automatically, and save the video
● Support voice order, such as taking photos, taking video, open the screen, turn off the screen by voice control
● Can open APP to connect hotspot, and then rearview mirror car DVR can record video, download fast to save to your phone, very convenient to operate
● Package: 1 x camera, 1 x USB cable, 1 x English user manual

One of the great advantages is having the vision to park in a simple way. Many people buy cameras or complex and expensive electronic systems for the car to get it, and the Chinese manufacturer offers you an alternative at a great price. That is why it is fundamental to consider it.

Xiaomi Mijia 5 inch Smart Rearview Mirror Car DVR for .39 @GearBest

This new mirror is managed through the Mi Home app. You will simply have to download it for your mobile and you will only have to link it. Once you have it, you can start using it normally and squeeze it as you want.

In case you also want to have a rear camera , you simply need another camera. For only €20 you can buy it from GearBest, so it is a bargain and will allow you to squeeze more of the gadget. Do not worry that we will talk about it in depth in another article, but it is highly recommended to have a total vision!

If you want to buy the new Xiaomi mirror with built-in camera , we find it available in GearBest to add to the cart. The price? Pretty interesting It’s just around 83 euros and it’s very good, considering how expensive electronics are in the motor world. However, Xiaomi always thinks in all pockets, so it is great value for money. In addition, the shipping is free and in a matter of a few days you will have it, specifically, between June 29 and July 4, the first units will be sent. Get yours now!


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