7 Reasons to buy the Cubot Power

CUBOT Power is the most popular model recently released. It is the latest flagship phone of cubot. As a smart phone that combines high-end configuration and long battery life, CUBOT Power is currently being promoted in GearBest. Here are 7 reasons to buy the Cubot Power.

1) The power efficient processor with higher processing performance

Cubot Power uses the MT6763T, which is the highest version of the Helio P23 series. This processor sports with octo core A53 architecture, the maximum frequency can be 2.5GHz, 16 nm technology. It’s running smoothly and performs quite well in terms of power consumption, the phone has long battery life.

2) 6GB RAM + 128GB ROM mainstream configuration

Cubot Power has the mainstream configuration of the current flagship. The memory combination was 6GB RAM and 128 GB of internal storage. It’s the only one to be available in a configuration with 6GB RAM in Cubot. Therefore, it is more sufficient to run apps or store photos, videos, and other materials.

3) 5.99″ FHD+ 18:9 2160x1080px

The screen is FHD+ 2K screen as well as the X18 Plus. The viewing angle is better, the color saturation is quite good, and the picture is more clear.

4) Rear 20.0MP 6P Lens

Cubot Power has also made a big breakthrough in terms of cameras. In the same level of smart phones, Cubot Power should be the first one to be with Samsung 6P lens. It will collect more light to complete a clear picture.

5) Native Android 8.1 without any pre installed ads

Using the native Android system is always Cubot’s advantages. Cubot Power adopts the latest native Android 8.1 system. There is no bloatware .

6) 6000mAh can be used normally for two days

The 6000mAh battery is also the biggest feature of Cubot Power. The large-capacity battery with power efficient Helio P23 has performed quite well in terms of battery life. In the normal usage conditions, it can be used for continuous two days. In the case of continuous use, at least 15 hours view time of watching videos , the battery life is quite good.

7) Competitive price

Cubot Power can be regarded a smart phone with no obvious disadvantage. Today, Cubot Power sells for $239.99 in GearBest. If you like it you could go and join the snap up.


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