NO.1 F13 – a new rugged smart watch with a color screen

NO.1 F13 - a new rugged smart watch with a color screen

The Chinese electronics manufacturer NO.1 has recently released quite a lot of reliable and protected smart watches. Literally two weeks ago they presented the sports smart watch No.1 F7, and now they showed a new model with both business and sport design –NO.1 F13.

Despite the fact that NO.1 F13 is not too different from many of its counterparts, these watches have some very good features. The watch case is metal, o the strap is polyurethane. The watch is completely waterproof with the rating of IP68, that is, you can safely swim with them, without worrying about their performance. Also, they are not afraid of dust, shockproof and scratch-resistant, thanks to a sapphire crystal on top of the screen.

The watch is equipped with a 1.0-inch color touch screen with HD resolution and four additional buttons for managing and interacting with the gadget. Under the hood processor Nordic 51822, heart rate sensor HRS 3300, Bluetooth 4.0 and polymer lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 350 mAh.

In addition to 24/7 dynamic heart rate monitoring, sleep monitoring, counting steps, calories and distance, the watch can track various sports modes, such as badminton, basketball, climbing, cycling, running, swimming and table tennis.

NO.1 F13 - a new rugged smart watch with a color screen

Also, notifications of calls and messages, reminders of activity, search for a smartphone and an alarm clock are supported. The watch is compatible with smartphones running Android and iOS, and for connection and synchronization is using the application Fundo Pro. Both the clock and the application support many different languages, including Russian.

Price and availability NO.1 F13

At the moment, NO.1 F13 is sold exclusively on the GearBest website at a price of $26.99.


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