Big Discount for Mid Year (618) Sale at Gearbest

Did you have any purchases on 11/11? Do not worry because Gearbest has prepared a new promotion! We present the Mid Year Sale of Gearbest that comes loaded with great promotions!

As with 11 of 11, June 18 is for the Chinese a date marked by the start of the second most important sales festival of the year, which happens mid-year and that, as with the festival of Winter, we arrive loaded with great promotions in all stores.

How could it be otherwise, Gearbest joins this festival to offer us the best discounts, as it is undoubtedly one of the main shopping sites.

When and what are the promotions?

  •  From June 17 to 25: gifts and discount coupons in addition to flash sales and mysterious bags of luck and our new offer: three products for only $ 10 and a magnificent Oneplus 6 as a lottery prize!
  • From June 25 to July 2: new discount coupons and flash sales, plus best-sellers of various characteristics and Oneplus 6 as a lottery prize.
  • From July 2 to July 9: continuous best-sellers at the best prices

How to save the most money with the Mid Year Sale from Gearbest?

The first thing is to visit the following page that contains a list with all the promotions and instructions of each promotion.

Visit promotion

And to start finding the best deals with products in flash sale the smartest thing is to visit the next section, where we will find many products at a great price.

Find the best flash in Gearbest

Hurry up because the products are going to sell out very soon, right now you can get the Xiaomi Mi Box International for less than € 48 or with the new Xiaomi Redmi S2 for just over € 145 and of course, the well-known Xiaomi vacuum cleaner less than € 250.

Flash sales will change every day, so I advise you not to let a day go by without checking them out.

A very interesting area to get extra discount coupons and gifts is the one you can see in the image above.

We’ll just have to log in with our Gearbest account and at least in my case it signals me that I can do up to a total of 100 shots, it will be difficult for me not to touch anything.

And remember that you can get a OnePlus 6 as a gift in this area CLICK HERE TO TRY LUCK.

We can also try our luck at roulette of fortune, where we can also get extra discount coupons and gifts, even an Alfawise U20 3D printer.

Again the only requirement is to log in with our Gearbest account and give the little button to play so that the wheel turns and the goddess fortune rewards us or not, who knows.

Of course, as with all promotions we can get extra runs by sharing the game on our social networks or buying spreads with the points we have accumulated in our account.

Enter the Roulette of Fortune

In the last place we have the possibility to collect three products from the ones shown in the next section and take them for only $10, for example, I made a combo with the ZSH towel sets (some say they are Xiaomi towels) ) and USB stick for a total of € 8.58 a good price to retaliate that compulsive urge to buy.


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