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  • ZEROTECH Hesper Real-time Transmission RC Quadcopter for $479.00

ZEROTECH Hesper Real-time Transmission RC Quadcopter for $479.00

ZEROTECH Hesper Real-time Transmission RC Quadcopter for 9.00

After Zerotech had delivered a really good little camera drone with Dobby, a time later, the Zerotech Hesper was announced. But then happened for a long time: nothing. Since the spring of 2017, however, a lot seems to have happened, because the Hesper is now available. What has changed, and what the Zerotech Hesper can do now, you can read here.

Main Features:
● 4K 13MP 1080P resolution camera, provides super clear image for you
● Surround flight mode for panoramic photography
● Active track and quickshot makes the imaging more flexible and convenient
● APP / stretchable wireless remote control two control modes, meet your different operating needs
● Gesture shot function. You can easily take pictures just by waving a fixed pose
● Exquisite folding design, only mobile phone size after folding, easy to carry

Maximum flight height: 120m
Maximum flight distance: 800m ( wireless remote control ), 120m ( APP )
Maximum horizontal speed: 6m/s
Maximum rise and fall speed: 3m/s
APP download method: scans QR code of box directly, or looks for FlightGo in your APP store

ZEROTECH Hesper Real-time Transmission RC Quadcopter for 9.00

In the past, Zerotech has made a name for itself with its small selfie drone DOBBY. The Hesper is now less for selfies than for spectacular landscape shots thought and offers a longer range and duration of flight. The drone, which was still called Hunter in development , also relies on the foldable design and is quite similar to the DJI Mavic Pro. It should also be easy to stow away and transport, and already with DOBBY, the Chinese have proven that they master the design. The size is just once 14.5 x 7.5 x 4.9 cm in the folded state.

Also new to DOBBY is the optional remote control . Although the Zerotech Hesper can be controlled via smartphone, it also supports the classic way of operating. However, you have to buy the remote control, or for a surcharge raw and spark in the bundle purchase. We know the principle from DJI who also sell the Spark individually or in a so-called Fly More Combo with remote control.

The remote control can then be pulled apart to clamp in the middle of the phone. As with DJI, the display then serves to display the live image of the camera. The range with the remote control should then be 800 meters.

A propos camera: Here, at least in the descriptions of the China shops still a wrong picture produced. Although explicitly called soi, it is not a 4K camera . The maximum video resolution is Full HD, which is 1080p, at a frame rate of 30 (or 25?) Fps . This is not bad in itself, since already Dobby but synonymous 4K videos could record and here is now advertised, we would have liked a beautiful 4K camera here. Since Zerotech does not even list the drone on its own website , we do not yet know how to designate the camera itself. Photos have a resolution of 13 MP (4208 x 3120); the sensor is the SONY IMX 214.

The camera is only attached to a 1-axis gimbal through which it can be tilted. After all, there is EIS (electronic image stabilization) to compensate for slight stuttering in the video. “Active Track” is the name given here to motion tracking that the drone has as well as GPS-based features like RTH (Return to Home). The battery has a capacity of 1950 mAh and should ensure a flying time of up to 18 minutes . Experience has shown that in the end, these are rather less; if the drone flies 15 minutes that would be a good value.

ZEROTECH Hesper Real-time Transmission RC Quadcopter for 9.00

Can Zerotech score with the Hesper?

Despite the external similarity to the DJI Mavic Pro, the Zerotech Hesper is more akin to the DJI Spark in almost all its features. The optional remote control, the range, the flight time and the camera including their features – this is almost identical. From the price is (so far) similar, to the 400 € costs the drone separately; around 500 € with remote control and additional battery.

Of course, we hope that Zerotech will deliver a good drone that can match the DJI models. Of course, but experience values ​​must first show how good the hesper is at the end.

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