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  • Xiaomi Redmi 5 vs Redmi 6 comparative, is it worth the change?

Xiaomi Redmi 5 vs Redmi 6 comparative, is it worth the change?

Xiaomi Redmi 5 vs Redmi 6 comparative, is it worth the change?

Xiaomi has presented its new Redmi 6 and 6A and all its details a few hours ago. In this case we are going to focus on the most complete model of the two. In this comparison you will know if the Redmi 6 a good evolution of Redmi 5 and if it is worth changing it for the new batch of the brand.

Xiaomi Redmi 5 vs Redmi 6, in search of the best cheap purchase

First of all, put a table with the specifications that have changed from one model to another:

  • The screen goes from being 5.7 inches to a 5.45″ HD+ with the format of every screen that draws attention. We especially like this change.
  • We went from a Snapdragon 450 to a Helio P22 eight-core Mediatek  this step may not like everyone, especially because of the low development of some SoC of the brand. Even so, we have plenty of power for our day to day.
  • They accompany 3 or 4 GB of RAM without option of 2 GB and we jump to 32/64 GB of storage, not bad.
  • Double camera of 12 + 5 MP for the Redmi 6, the double sensor is here to stay. I remind you that here you can find 5 reasons to opt for this double camera.
  • The bad of this renovation? The battery loses 300 mAh and we are left with a few scarce 3000 mAh. Although good, it is also small and light with dimensions of 147.46 × 71.5 × 8.3mm and 146 grams.

Broadly speaking these are all important changes. In general we can see a step forward in all the sections and the camera has called us especially. The AI ​​is also included in this model and not in the Redmi 5. As for the design does not change too much, we still have plastic in the two mobiles.

So, do I change my Redmi 5 for the Redmi 6?

We believe that evolution is not so great as to make the leap. Although the prices start from just over 100 euros to change we think there are much better phones for a little more. An example can be the Redmi Note 5, the best mobile mid-range or the Mi A1, the latter is for 125 euros from China with offers.

Even so, if you want a cheap mobile for a relative this is a very good example of quality at a good price. In any case today Xiaomi competes against itself and we repeat what has already been said, there are much better mobile phones for 150-200 euros. The final decision falls on you … What do you think about this Xiaomi Redmi 6? Did you like it?

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