Jumper EZBook X4: a 14 inch notebook with 128 GB SSD for $299.99

Jumper EZBook X4: a 14 inch notebook with 128 GB SSD for 9.99

Notebooks from China usually resemble each other like an egg. The recently released CHUWI LapBooks or the Teclast F7 notebook all relied on the same CPU and similar equipment. Also, the data sheet of the jumper EZBook 3 Pro, one of our favorites, read the same. Now the successor is in the starting blocks, working with the next generation of processors: the jumper EZBook X4.

Bigger, thinner, lighter

Jumper EZBook X4: a 14 inch notebook with 128 GB SSD for 9.99

A big jump in the appearance between the jumper EZBook 3 Pro and the new jumper EZBook X4 can not be seen on the whole. The new generation is again based on the Apple similar aluminum unibody, which differs because of the 14.1 inch display in size hardly. With dimensions of 33.00 x 22.00 x 1.30 cm it is slightly higher and wider than the Pro variant of the predecessor, but measures in the thickness of 2 mm less. On the bottom, four black rubber feet provide for a corresponding grip, the back is thanks to the “Jumper” lettering information that the manufacturer from Shenzhen and not from Cupertino comes. A weight of 1.363 Kg also allows the laptop easy to take.

Of course, the view focuses on the screen, which measures 14 inches diagonally . The resolution is still 1920 x 1080p ; This is called Full HD. The aspect ratio is 16: 9. Since we were already very impressed with the screen of the 3 Pro, we hope that here again a reasonable panel is installed.

Jumper EZBook X4: a 14 inch notebook with 128 GB SSD for 9.99

Thanks to the backlight of the keyboard, you can still work well with the notebook in the evening.

A small highlight is the keyboard. First of all, you have to admit that it is kept in almost the same color tone as the laptop, which makes the similarity to a MacBook less. This is a QWERTY keyboard , which is equipped with a backlight – very noble! So far we only know this from budget laptops from the CHUWI LapBook Air , which costs more than 50 € more. Below the keyboard is the trackpad, which was one of the biggest criticisms of the EZBook 3 Pro. Let’s hope that Jumper has improved here.

Jumper EZBook X4 with new CPU

As mentioned in the beginning, Jumper has finally installed a processor from a current generation in the case of the EZBook X4 jumper. This is the  Intel Gemini Lake N4100 processor: a quad-core processor with a clock speed of 1.1 – 2.4 GHz. This is the logical next step from the Intel Apollo Lake Celeron N3450 used in various China notebooks. Overall, the new processor should simply be a little faster, but is still more suitable for everyday applications than for gambling. In addition, there is now inside the Intel HD Graphics 600 , which is not great compared to its predecessor.

Jumper EZBook X4: a 14 inch notebook with 128 GB SSD for 9.99

When it comes to memory, Jumper calculates only 4 GB of RAM here , just as much as the direct predecessor had. This is sufficient, but you should think about retrofitting another 4GB of RAM, which also allows one of the manufacturers. An exciting change is now the SSD , the jumper installed. With a capacity of 128 GB , it is easy to surf for surfing and office tasks. The performance difference between the new SSD and the old eMMC memory but you should notice in any case.

The battery with a capacity of 9600 mAh is similarly generous as its predecessors. Looking at the values ​​of the EZBook 3 Pro, we expect it to run for five to six hours, with average settings.

Connectivity & Extras

The all-aluminum case of the new Jumper EZBook X4 has a number of connectors that meet our requirements. Among them are two USB 3.0 ports, one left and one right, a micro-HDMI port , a microSD card slot , the 3.5 mm jack and the power connector for the 12V 2A charger. The charger is also in addition to the English manual and the only thing that is included with the notebook. The license key for the preinstalled Windows 10 can be read out of the system again and is therefore probably not there.

Where to buy

We’re honestly glad that Jumper is setting a good example here and counting on the next CPU generation. Also, the built-SSD is a good leap forward, which should increase the overall performance again. But the Jumper EZBook 4 does not make such a leap for every component. Only 4 GB of RAM and the somewhat average display resolution do not knock us off the hook, but considering the price, these decisions are justified.

The jumper EZBook X4 notebook is currently still fresh in the China shops and can be ordered at GearBest for $299.99. With a little luck, you’ll get a USB mouse and a 3-port USB hub for free!


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