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  • Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S or Xiaomi Mi 8? Which one is the best purchase?

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S or Xiaomi Mi 8? Which one is the best purchase?

  • by Tyler
  • 10 Months ago
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Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S or Xiaomi Mi 8? Which one is the best purchase?

Xiaomi is really strong in the high ranges, in fact, it can compete with the bigger ones. In recent months have released two terminals capable of this, the Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S and the Mi 8. In this article we compare and tell you what is the best purchase of the two, what mobile do you like the most?

Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S vs Xiaomi Mi 8, what does each one offer us?

First of all, if you want here you can know the analysis of the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S and in this other article the characteristics of the Mi 8 separately.

More differences in design than you think

The Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S is characterized by having a very particular design and that we love. For its part, the Mi 8 reminds us somewhat of Apple’s iPhone X. In any case, the two are quite similar but there is one that does not have notch while the other model does.

We have it clear, the MIX 2S we like more. Its ceramic design also helps and we believe that it has more personality. If on the other hand you like the notch and you want to have it at all costs you should opt for the Mi 8.

Differences in performance?

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S or Xiaomi Mi 8? Which one is the best purchase?

The hardware is absolutely the same. The new Snapdragon 845 does not disappoint and can with everything we throw in our day to day. In conclusion, this section can ignore, the two mobiles with real beasts in terms of power and optimization. Its batteries are 3300 and 3400 mAh , so there are no significant differences.

Same sensors but different photos, for now

Here we have another “draw” as you will see below. On paper the Mi 8 has better cameras but there is something you do not know: the sensors are the same. What’s more, today they have announced that the camera firmware of the Mi 8 will reach the Mi MIX 2S so more of the same … The comparison is close. In the selfie if you win the Mi 8 with its 20 MP sensor.

Same screens?

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S or Xiaomi Mi 8? Which one is the best purchase?

Finally there is a somewhat different point, the 2S panel is 6 “and that of its rival is 6.2”. Even so, the differences lie in the fact that the first is LCD and the second is AMOLED , so we will have better experience in the Mi 8 if you do not pay attention to the notch. Neither is a huge difference but it has to be taken into account.

Conclusion: choose the one you like the most

Both are very good mobile and buy the one you buy will meet your expectations. The only differences are the technology of the screen and the disposition and quality of the selfie camera. Although good, the prices are also somewhat disparate, the good thing about Mi MIX 2S is that it is quite cheaper. Below you have purchase links for both models.

Coupon for the Mi 8:  “NSBPMJXV”

Coupon for the Mi MIX 2S: ” MIX2SGLOBAL1″

We hope you enjoyed this article comparing the two range stops of Xiaomi. Before leaving we leave you with this megacomparativa of the Xiaomi Mi 8, Galaxy S9, Huawei P20 Pro and OnePlus 6.

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