ASUS ProArt PA90 – a professional mini PC

ASUS ProArt PA90 - a professional mini PC

ASUS company opened the veil of secrecy over a completely new desktop computer at the Computex 2018, created specifically for professional users. The device was named ProArt PA90 Mini PC. It is made in a fairly compact package and the appearance, as the developer claims, resembles a smart speaker.

Inside is the motherboard with an 8th-generation Intel Core processor . The graphics subsystem relies on a discrete NVIDIA Quadro professional accelerator . High speed of the storage subsystem is provided by the advanced Intel Optane drive.

ASUS notes that a carefully designed design provides efficient cooling at low noise levels. The computer may well be located on the desktop, without creating acoustic discomfort. The headphone and microphone jacks and two USB ports are located on the front panel. Other characteristics, unfortunately, are still kept secret.

On the date of receipt of the computer Mini PC ProArt PA90 on sale the developer will announce later. Then the price of a novelty will be named.


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