Xiami Mi Band 3 vs Mi Band 2: which one should to buy?

Xiami Mi Band 3 vs Mi Band 2: which one should to buy?

The Mi Band 3 has fallen in love with many but has also disappointed many others who were looking forward to a design change. And the truth is that there was no luck, because the design is practically the same, although it is true that we have change in some of its characteristics. For that reason, in this article we bring you a comparison between Mi Band 3 vs Mi Band 2 where we will tell you which one to buy and why:

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 vs Mi Band 2: Comparative

At this time, many users who have the Mi Band 2 on their dolls wonder if it is worth jumping into the Mi Band 3. But if you have never bought any and you doubt whether to buy 2 or 3, you will not want to miss the article either.

Reasons to buy the Mi Band 3

  • The screen is bigger : if you want to have larger screen size, it is clear that the best purchase you can make is the Mi Band 3. In this case it is OLED and it has 0.78 inches, in addition to a resolution of 128 x 80 pixels.
  • The brightness is improved : you will not have problems to read the notifications or everything that happens on your wristband, because the Mi Band 3 has a brighter screen and looks better outdoors.
  • Higher battery : we went from 70 mAh of battery to about 110 mAh, which translates into an average duration of about 20 days, so you’ll have a wristband for a while and you’ll only have to charge it once a month.
  • More features : the renewed Xiaomi bracelet for 2018 comes with new functions to interact with the smartphone. Because it now shows the content of the notification and allows you to interact with the calls.
  • It comes with NFC : the ‘superior’ version bets on this technology, so you can make payments from your smartband.

A greater of these reasons, I want to add an extra, and is that because of the small difference in price between the two, it is almost better to buy the Mi Band 3. Just go to the market, it is much better and if someday you sell it, being newer you will also sell it better. So it is the best purchase you can make.

Reasons to buy the Mi Band 2

  • It’s cheaper: at the moment when the Mi Band 3 comes on the market, the Mi Band 2 goes down in price as is logical. You can save an extra money that will allow you to buy a pair of colored straps (or whatever you want).
  • Lack of innovation in the Mi Band 3: in the Mi Band 3 we do not find weighty reasons to jump like crazy for that bracelet, however, it is true that it is better and more complete. Although they did not innovate as much as we expected, so this lack of news and differences between them will guide many users to buy the Mi Band 2.

I keep the Mi Band 3 for the reasons I mentioned above. And you do you think? Which one do you choose and why?


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