AQara Cube Smart Home Controller

The design of this magic cube is spectacular. It is very original and beautiful, so it will be perfect in any corner of the house. In addition, it is compact since it has dimensions of 45 × 45 × 45mm and only weighs 8 grams. In addition, it has an adhesive on its back so you can place it where it best suits you to handle the vast majority of appliances in your home.

Main Features:
● Made of high-quality materials, sturdy and durable
● Connect with Xiaomi smart products
● Built-in 6 stage gyroscope, 6 actions to operate at any time, support blind operation of each side
● Can control Xiaomi electric appliances like lamps, smart TV, air purifiers, etc.
● Exquisite appearance and small size, can be used as a decoration
● Easy to operate

● Battery model: 1 x CR2450 ( not included )
● 6 kinds of manipulative actions: shake, turn 90 degrees, flip 180 degrees, rotate, tap twice, push

AQara Cube Smart Home Controller

But the best of this Xiaomi Mi Aqra, are all the functions it allows. It has a total of 6 gestures to control the smart device as you want and as you need. What can be done? Change the color of the Xiaomi Yeelight with one hand, turn on or off the TV, change the radio station, etc. It allows many options , and only with making the determined gesture of the multiple that there is.

If you have a device from Xiaomi’s MiJia environment, you’re sure to buy the new Aqara magic cube. The truth is that the design is great, very original, and also, it is very useful.

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