Ulefone T3 Pro comes with 3D Face Unlock

Ulefone is always good for a surprise. With the UlefoneT3 Pro has revealed the manufacturer today, what you probably have been working for a while. Several current technologies are combined in this smartphone and the result could be quite interesting. Even the design makes a lot. Apparently, the Ulefone T3 Pro is based on a double-glass design. The display is designed to fill almost the entire front, putting it on a display with a slim notch and minimal bottom edge. The Notch features the Face Unlock technique, which should work on a 3D basis. For this you want to put on an infrared laser and a sensor for depth detection, similar to how it does, for example, Apple in the iPhone X. This is how Face Unlock should become safer than with a pure 2D-based camera solution.

Ulefone T3 Pro comes with 3D Face Unlock

But 3D Face Unlock will not be the only highlight in the Ulefone T3 Pro. Ulefone also wants to offer a fingerprint sensor integrated into the display. Presumably one will rely on the technology of Synaptics, as this is relatively easy to implement. This also means that the display in the Ulefone T3 Pro will be an OLED panel, as this is absolutely necessary for the function of Synaptics in-screen fingerprint technology. Overall, the Ulefone T3 Pro looks very appealing both in terms of design and features. We are curious to see what the rest of the equipment looks like, what the handset will cost and whether it will be able to satisfy the expectations at the end.


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