Xiaomi Deerma spray mop – a wet-wiping for good price

Since the Chinese engineering giant Xiaomi with its suction robots has great success, the Chinese brought out already an electric mop. The devices for dirt destruction cost a fraction of the established in this country manufacturers. Now Xiaomi brings out the next household maid: “Deerma” is the name of the spray mop, with which water can be sprayed directly onto the floor while wiping.

The mop weighs only 750g and is therefore very easy to transport. It was made of stainless steel. In addition to the mop, there is a 360° rotatable rod, a 1.2 m long steel rod and a 3 cm long attachment. The mobility of the staff should be particularly easy to get under furniture such as the sofa.

But the highlight of the mop is – as already mentioned in the introduction – the direct distribution of water on the floor to be cleaned. For this purpose, Xiaomi uses a “polymer spray pump body” which distributes water from the 0.35L small water tank every 0.1 second. The distributable amount of water is limited to 1.7-2.0ML.

The cloth on the front of the mop is made of carbon and is particularly good at picking up dust and even finer particles. Of course, this can be said in advance of every cleaning product, but Xiaomi has not disappointed us in the past. Thus, in addition to the chic design on the usual high Xiaomi standard in terms of processing hope. Of course you can work with the mop mainly on hard floor.

Is the price-performance ratio right?

The technology behind the Xiaomi Deerma spray mop is no news, even comparable models cost only a few euros more than the $ 25 (thanks to User DD ) currently still quite expensive wipers from China. But as it has not been available for too long, the prices here will continue to fall, originally the spray price was estimated at $ 10.

Price-performance could still be okay, it starts here from the known Xiaomi quality. Somewhat worrying is the somewhat small water tank, but with proper water distribution, the system should work well. When the new device will be available at what exact price for Germany is still unclear.


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