One-Netbook OneMix – a 7 inch Pocket Laptop

Thin and light notebooks have become the trend of the notebook industry. Smaller sized UMPC products (pocket notebooks) have begun to attract the attention of mobile business people because of their smaller size and very portable experience. Recently, Chinese manufacturer One-Netbook officially launched a UMPC product for mobile office: OneMix. Compared with ordinary laptops, the 7-inch One-Netbook OneMix Notebook with Windows10 OS can fully meet the needs of mobile office.

Smaller than expected, this is my first impression of One-Netbook OneMix: Length 182mm, width 110mm, height 17mm, weight about 515g. OneMix should be the smallest notebook on the market. It’s even smaller than the 10-inch iPad. We can put it anywhere in the top pocket, handbag, etc. Mobile office has gradually become the norm in the future. A thin, portable and quiet office equipment is essential. MixOne is ideal for use in public places, such as cafes, classrooms or on the road. Thanks to the 360° flip two-in-one design, you can enjoy both the versatility of your laptop and the ease and portability of your multimedia tablet.

One-Notebook OneMix - a 7 inch Pocket Laptop

Appearance, One-Netbook OneMix is equipped with a 7-inch FHD+ touch screen. Its screen border is very narrow, the body is made of metal aluminum alloy material, there are dark gray, rose gold two color, simple business design style with beautiful colors, the whole machine looks quite stylish. The metal shaft design supports stepless adjustment and can be fixed at multiple angles. The actual opening and closing feels great.

In terms of configuration, One-Netbook OneMix is equipped with Intel platform quad-core processor (Atom x5-Z8350), equipped with 8GB memory, 128GB storage, pre-installed Windows10 system, and supports fingerprint identification login. Infrared touch buttons, support for tablet, PC mode, seamless switching at any time. And expansion interface is designed at the right end of the fuselage. USB-C, HDMI, and USB interfaces are all available, and can be used for external mouse, third-party storage devices, or large-screen devices such as projectors and televisions.

One-Notebook OneMix - a 7 inch Pocket Laptop

One-Netbook OneMix’s performance is definitely rich for mobile workers, especially with 8GB of running memory. Even if you need to open multiple OFFICE documents and multiple web pages at the same time, there is no pressure. For battery life, the One-Netbook OneMix is equipped with a 6500MAh battery, plus a low-power processor, normal office use, life can reach up to 7 hours.

The One-Netbook OneMix is even more detailed in terms of detail, using a full QWERTY backlit keyboard, allowing users to accurately enter even in the dark. Although the keyboard is limited to 7 inches, in fact, the overall button layout is reasonable, and key-way button feedback adjustments are in place. With infrared touch buttons, users can work anywhere in the mobile office.

One-Netbook OneMix also comes with a professional writing tool: Original stylus Pen. The 2048 level bar restores the writing quality of the paper, and the thickness of the strokes is complete. Even in a small space, you can operate freely, take notes, outline, sign, and draw.

As an ultra-small notebook, OneMix has a very complete mobile office experience, and adopts a two-in-one design. The 7-inch tablet form has an excellent audio and video experience. The notebook form is more suitable for office and learning. One-Netbook OneMix is a product that can give you a lot of surprises for mobile travelers or student users.


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