Xiaomi CIGA classic high-end automatic watch with visible mechanism

Xiaomi CIGA classic high-end automatic watch with visible mechanism

Xiaomi? I think it’s good! Xiaomi now offers us a classic high-end watch with visible mechanism: Xiaomi CIGA. The famous Chinese brand Xiaomi faithful for seven years to its system of integration of small businesses of quality does not derogate from its rule. After trademarks, well-known today as Yeelight ( LED bulb ) Mijia ( camera 4K ) Roborock ( vacuum cleaner robot ) Ninebot, and many others, we Xiaomi offers CIGA. Xiaomi always pays particular attention to the choice of companies to which it associates. Xiaomi proves to us today its approach by offering us a classic watch, not connected, very beautiful invoice: ” Xiaomi CIGA Design Hollow-out Mechanical Watch. The association of Xiaomi and CIGA is not at its test and you will easily find other models.

Main Features
• IF design award
• Mechanical design
• Daily water-resistant
• Steel mesh bands and leather bands

• Dial size: 4.5 x 4.5 x 1.2cm
• Band size: 24.2 x 2.2cm

The pictures of this Xiaomi watch speak for themselves. Classical and very beautiful, the architecture of its mechanism has been awarded in Germany. This mechanism is visible thanks to the transparency of a part of the body of the watch. It would have been a shame to hide this magnificent mechanism. It has a 1.3 mm sapphire crystal which makes it extremely strong. The body of the watch is made of 316L metal. If like me you do not know what this quality of metal is, I quote you here in summary the qualities of the latter: The 316L is a 18/8 austenitic stainless steel enriched with a 2.5% molybdenum addition and offers corrosion resistance superior to that of type 304 stainless steel.

This beautiful watch is offered with two types of leather or metal bracelets. The body of this watch is available in two colors: gray and black. This product is not waterproof, it can simply be used under normal conditions of use.

Xiaomi offers us, after having put in its catalog of many connected watches, a return to the sources of watchmaking thanks to this classic mechanical watch CIGA. Because yes you’ll understand it will stand out from others by going back, with this gesture a little outdated, the mechanism of the watch CIGA so that it can work 30 to 40 hours . The charm of this mechanism visible through a transparent body will certainly make this high-end watch a very nice gift .

We are happy to offer you the best promotions and the cheapest prices, thanks to our different partner shops. You will also discover all the technical features of this new Xiaomi product : Xiaomi CIGA Design Hollow-out Mechanical Watch.


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