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Android P: Here is the first list of smartphones to test it

The new operating system, Android P, could be installed on several phones. This is what Google announced during Google I / O. Thus, anyone who wants to test his beta can now use it on their Google devices or smartphones of other brands too.

Android P: Here is the first list of smartphones to test it

Android P – on which smartphone to install the beta?

Android P is the new version of the operating system of Google. It is a new interface that will be offered to mobile users but also new features. Probably available this fall, it is already possible to install the beta on some smartphones.

The test of Android P possible on 11 smartphones

The new OS Android P will be available in beta for the following smartphones :

• Google Pixel

• Google Pixel XL

• Google Pixel 2 XL

• Google Pixel 2

• Essential PH-1

• Oppo R15 Pro

• Xperia XZ2

• Nokia 7 Plus

• Vivo X21

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s

OnePlus 6

For the latter, the new owners of this phone will enjoy this beta once the OnePlus 6 is available on the market. Its release is scheduled for the end of this month of May. In the beginning, only these smartphones will be able to benefit from the novelties brought by this new operating system.

Know that it is thanks to the Project Treble that the owners of these phones can already install and navigate this OS. Inserted with Oreo, this new innovative function allows you to update the operating system without having to wait for the updates requested by the software. Thus, Android becomes more and more flexible.

Pay attention

It is not advisable to install Android P on a device that you use in your everyday life. It is best to test it only on a device that is not used for any other purpose. Why ? Just because this beta still has several known bugs.

It is necessary to follow the instructions for its installation according to the model of your smartphone. Moreover, a sheet has been made available for each model on this list. Please visit this page if you want to perform this test on your device.

Via: erenumerique.fr

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