Flash deal – Netac P500 Class 10 32GB MicroSD just for 8.24€

Flash deal - Netac P500 Class 10 32GB MicroSD just for 8.24€

Do you like to carry all your photos and music on your mobile phone or tablet? Need to expand the capacity of your camera or drone? I’m sure you’ll love this Netac P500 32Gb Netac microSD card for only 8.24€. We bring you this offer from CAFAGO. A Netac Netac P500 32 Gb class 10 microSD card for only 8.24€, 68% off the recommended retail price. This offer is valid until May 14, 2018 or end of stock.

The Netac P500 model offers ultra high performance and is an ideal memory for smartphones, tablets, Full HD video cameras and SLR cameras. Its performance offers improved data transfer for your videos and photos.

Taking photos and videos is the best way to relive our most memorable moments. That’s why it’s important to ensure that every photo is safe and secure from any problems or adversity, such as extreme temperatures, impacts or even x-rays from airport security checks. Netac’s powerful, stylish and reliable memory cards ensure that your most important resources are always protected from anything that might happen.

Being a Class 10 card, it has high efficiency and a very fast read speed of up to 80MB/s. Great speed and performance for recording Full HD video, high resolution images, mobile games, music and much more.

Multi-level protection technology from Netac

Netac memory cards, with their protective technology, are the ideal choice for people with an active lifestyle who want to make sure their best moments are safe from any problems they may encounter, whether underwater, on top of a mountain or deep in a cave.

Waterproof, anti-magnetism, anti-extreme temperature and anti-radiography.

High quality and versatility

This Netac P500 card is compatible with devices with SDHC micro or SDXC micro slots. This makes it the ideal card for mobile phones, cameras, MP3/MP4 players, car dashcams, action cameras, drone cameras and much more.

And remember, at CAFAGO you can pay with PayPal, the easiest way to make your purchases completely secure. This offer is valid until May 14, 2018 or end of stock.


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