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Elephone ELE Band 5 Smart Bracelet with Color Screen and Continuous Heart Rate Monitor

Despite a quite strong and clear suggestion in the name, Elephone produces not only smartphones but also other consumer electronics, such as Action cameras and Smart bands. Despite the fact that it is a little known company on market, we can certainly not say that there are no interesting products in our portfolio. See the Elephone ELE Band 5.

Any time on the manufacturer’s website we can expect a new wristband activity Elephone Band 5 (also known as Elephone ELE Band 5). The device is already receiving very good reviews and is likely to mix up well in the personal devices market as soon as the official sale starts.

The information gathered so far shows that the Elephone Band 5 will be able to monitor the heart rate 24 hours a day and record the data in real time. It is a brilliant solution for physically active people. Not only will they be able to fully control their heart rate during exercise, but they will also eventually be able to set limits at which you will be warned.

In addition, there will be basic functions such as a calorie counter, camera control (shaking your wrist), message notification, calls, and so on. The battery used is also intended to be above average and provide 10 days without the need for recharging. With real-time parameter monitoring, this is a surprising result.

As I mentioned earlier, the Elephone Band 5 will soon appear on the official website and everything seems to indicate that there will be a big promotion offering the device for just under $10! Do you also think that it would be a sin not to take advantage of it?

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