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  • Xiaomi Mijia QiCYCLE XC200 – a child’s first mountain bike

Xiaomi Mijia QiCYCLE XC200 – a child’s first mountain bike

  • by Tyler
  • 9 Months ago
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Xiaomi Mijia QiCYCLE XC200 - a child's first mountain bike

Buying a bicycle online is not as crazy as it was years ago. But what about the  Qicycle XC200? Do you think it could be your children’s first mountain bike? We just saw it in GeekBuying to buy with a 15% discount, for 192 euros and it is a great price. Do not miss it:

Qicycle XC200: all the information

The manufacturer himself describes this mountain bike as ” the mountain bike for teenagers “. And if it is true that if you want to buy a bike to your children that is good and safe, it is one of the best options that we can find right now to buy. Why? Because it has everything you need and has a very good price.

Xiaomi Mijia QiCYCLE XC200 - a child's first mountain bike

In addition, it is a manufacturer of total confidence, because of this Qicycle brand we already told you about this  smart mountain bike and this euni skate. None of these products is wasteful!

But let’s get to know this Qicycle XC200 better . What features does it have?

  • Speed ​​change control : integrates a speed change control on the handlebar, so you can adjust it at all times (which is especially safe for the little ones). It has a total of 7 speed modes.
  • Quality : it is a quality bicycle designed to last for many years.
  • Comfortable : it is also a handy and especially comfortable bicycle.
  • Who can use it? : it is specially designed for children, whose height ranges between 115 and 150 centimeters.

It is designed, as you see, for children and young adolescents up to 1.50 meters high. It is ideal as a ‘first bike’, because it has a great price and is quite complete. In addition, the design is very beautiful in yellow, so it is perfect for children as well as for girls and teenagers.

Xiaomi Mijia QiCYCLE XC200 - a child's first mountain bike

It is important, already put to buy a bicycle, buy one that is of quality and safe, designed to last for many years (especially if another child comes on the road that will use it). And the truth is that this bet of Qicycle XC200 is very interesting in relation quality-price. You only have to see the pictures to see how happy your child will be about it! 🙂

Although yes, remember that your child uses it with all the necessary protection, such as helmet and knee pads (optional). Always for your safety. Now that you know all the information about the  Qicycle XC200, let’s see where to get it at the best price:

Buy Cheapest Qicycle XC200

The best news is that you can buy the XC200 Qicycle at a great price on sale at GeekBuying, because it is available with a 15% discount and would cost 197 euros. It is very good if we take into account all its characteristics, because it also has a great design and is made with quality materials. Is very complete.

If you are interested in adding it to the cart, follow the following link:

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